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Quit Picking Your Nose In Front of Your Spouse: Tips For Keeping The Spark Alive!

7817Quit Picking Your Nose In Front of Your Spouse: Tips For Keeping the Spark Alive

1. Take your sweat suit off and put on something cute. Don’t get lazy in your appearance, attitude, and effort. If you don’t want to put on makeup, see our blog about dying your eyebrows and getting fake eyelashes. It will help. Guys, don’t forget to trim your nose and ear hair and tweeze your uni brow.

10441314_10207435986394556_5019932296751188806_n2. Take out your calendar right now and schedule a date night with your sweetie and a family date night with your kids…. without others (friends, extended family, etc).

12069015_10208134749715967_7802961169352832338_o3. After the kids go to bed, have a glass of wine, (beer), or soda with your guy or girl. Make sure both parties have a turn to talk about their day.

4. Speaking of kids, keep them out of your bed….and off of your floor next to your bed!

polls_underwear_rug_1020_869541_answer_4_xlarge5. Clean out your underwear drawer: Throw away any undergarments that have holes, stains, or have just have seen better days. Guys, if you wear whitey tighties, you will have to do this more often than you think. No one wants to see their husband in whitey tighties…much less ones with holes around the band.. Sorry…even if they are madly in love with you.

10577017_10155092800397837_5250721826368430572_n6. Give each other a break with the kids so that each partner has their own time.

12715619_10207825238165607_2069112016574693016_n7. Don’t compare your relationship to the Facebook or Instagram world. You know people are not posting their crazy fights….

8. Speaking of oversharing….don’t air your dirty laundry on social media or with co-workers…nothing good can come from it.

12342553_10153064176916486_5001004772804557010_n9. Make sure everyone is pulling their weight at work and around the house.

10. Go see that Zombie movie and take one for the team. Do something every once in awhile that you don’t want to do but you know your sweetie will appreciate.

11. Play hooky from work every once in awhile while the kids are in school and have a fun date.

12063575_10207158753463906_3334193325813592378_n12. If you are boring, PSYCHO, selfish, a male (or female) CHAUVINIST PIG, try and fix your personality.

13. Keep blaming the dog when you pass gas…deny, deny, deny.

14.  Unplug and get off of your electronic devices.  Agree to be device free for an evening.  Print out a fun list of questions to ask each other.  

And finally…….

15. Take turns replacing the toilet paper….sometimes it’s the small stuff that keeps the spark!

We found a funny Huffington Post Article entitled 12 Things Couples Still Won’t Do In Front Of Each Other. 

Our question for you: What did we leave off of our list that you think is important?

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