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My Fake Eyelashes Hit Me In the Face While Running

eye 1My fake eyelashes hit me in the face while running

I am currently in love with fake eyelashes.

I know that you can go to any drug store and buy a pair of fake eyelashes, but  I have always been terrified of them and felt that I would not be able to glue them on myself.  I also worried that they would look terrible.

New Year Eve

For New Year’s Eve, I went to get a pedicure.  On a whim, I asked if they did fake eyelashes.  The woman said for $35.00, I could get them and they would last about two weeks.  

I decided to go for it because we were getting dressed up and I thought that fake eyelashes would be fun.

The process took about thirty minutes and was not bad at all.  I layed on a table (the same type you would be on for an eye wax) and closed my eyes while the lady glued small individual eye lashes onto my eyelids.  

eye 2What did I think?

I LOVED them.  They lasted two weeks and the thing I loved most about them was that I didn’t have to wear a lot of makeup and still looked made up.  

They were not heavy on my eyelids at all and I couldn’t feel them.  The lady said that in two weeks, the glue would eventually give way and they would fall off.  This is exactly what happened.  I was sad when they fell off because I really did love them.

I decided that I wouldn’t get them on a regular basis but for special occasions, I would.  I would MUCH rather get fake eyelashes than a manicure or pedicure.  

Fast forward to Valentine’s Day

I decided that I would splurge and get the fake eyelashes for Valentine’s Day weekend.  I went to the same nail place and the woman asked me what length I wanted.  I figured “go big or go home” so I chose the extra long ones.  The woman said “are you sure?”  I was definitely sure and excited that I got the option of extra long.

I walked out of the nail salon and began to question the extra long length. When my husband came home, he noticed the long lashes right away (and he never notices anything like that).  He liked them but said he liked the other shorter ones better.  I then went to a wine tasting party where several people commented on my lashes.  Everyone said that they loved them.  I was not sure if they were just being nice or if they really did like them.

eye 3Mistake

I knew I made a mistake with the length when I went running the next day and the wind was vicious.  As I was running, my extra long eyelashes were hitting me in the face.  This was a problem.  I hated that my husband was right, my lashes were way too long.

The next time I knew this was a mistake was when I put my sunglasses on.  The eyelashes were too long for me to wear sunglasses.

Lesson learned

I LOVE the eyelashes but will get the medium lenght next time.  

Eyelash Bars are popping up all over the greater Houston area.  Many people go to them on a regular basis.  My friend goes to a place in a fancier part of Houston.  She paid $200 for the initial eyebrows.  The eyebrows last about a month and her monthly maintenance costs $100 plus tip.  There are other eyelash bars that charge around $80.00 for an initial consultation and then around $60.00 for fill-ins.  This is an option that does not seem as unreasonable.  I would LOVE to do this but this is just too expensive for our budget.  For now, I will just pay the $35 for special occasions.

If you are a guy and you are reading this, buy your wife or girlfriend a gift card to an eyelash bar.  It is something different and she will love you for it!

My question for you is this:  Would you get fake eyelashes?


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