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We Did Something That Shocked US…Why You Will Want To Do The Same!!!

12643024_1153378131347162_8547621265941321686_nChrista and I are on a quest to lose weight and to get in the best shape of our lives.  Over the course of our life we have done anything and everything to be healthy, lose weight, and be able to eat and drink what we want.  We started running in middle school, have worked with weights, have hired personal trainers, run a marathon, participated in a triathlon, gone to classes, and even were members of the Houston Adventure Racing Team.  We feel like we know what works and what does not work as well. IMG_3241For years we have heard about how awesome Pilates was and everyone we knew who did in on a regular basis had AWESOME bodies.  About a year ago we were still members of a gym that offered Pilates reformer classes as part of the membership.  PicMonkey CollagePilates, founded by Joseph Pilates in the early 20th century, is a system of exercises using special apparatus, designed to improve physical strength, flexibility, and posture, and enhance mental awareness. There are regular Pilates classes you can take with a mat and Reformer Pilates classes you take using a special machine.9d7537f6499458df3c31b05a96d2368dSince Reformer Pilates was included in our membership, we decided to try a few classes.  WE LOVED IT!!! We could not get over how easy and how much fun it was.  To think we were burning calories was an even bigger bonus.  We knew surely we could not be burning that many calories because we weren’t sweating that much.ByseiCGIEAIp77uFast forward to January 2016 when things got REAL!!! Our sweet friend Heather started teaching Pilates Reformer in our neighborhood’s new clubhouse.  We knew she loved Pilates and looked like a million dollars.  However, our husbands have us on a tight budget because of oil prices, so we didn’t initially sign up for a class because we felt like it was “too easy” of a workout and we were trying to hit it hard…..10711081_894818310536480_5966377615226773296_nAfter we did a blog on how much we loved spinning, Heather mentioned that we should do one of her Pilates Reformers classes and then do a blog on it.  Christa and I are always looking for great blogs so we decided to sign up for just one class and write a blog.  The day of the class we dropped Finley and Charlotte off at Mother’s Day out and showed up to the neighborhood gym an hour early so that we could do cardio and then do our one hour class.  In fact, Heather saw us doing a few lower body weights and joked that we were crazy and would be soon regretting our decision because she was going to give us a GREAT WORKOUT.  We laughed and then I told Christa, maybe we should get on the elliptical (I was starting to get worried). When it was time for our class, our friend Veronique was just finishing up with her hour session with Heather.  We joked that we were excited because Pilates was so easy and fun.  She looked at us like we were crazy and said that she was going to come check in on us in about 15 minutes to see if we were still staying the same thing. 12662589_1153378098013832_1171573985605132014_nAll I can say is WOW and WOW and WOW!!!!!! I have run a full marathon, participated in a triathlon after one week of training, and almost died during a one hour spinning class 10 years ago.  How did this class compare?????

IT WAS AWESOME!!!  It was challenging, but in a good way.  Christa and I worked out muscles we had no idea even existed.  Heather was such a good teacher and we were amazed that we were so wrong about Pilates Reformer.  It all makes sense now.  The Pilates Reformer classes we took at the old gym were not really the “real deal”.  We now get why people who do Pilates all of the time look so good!! The key is finding the right teacher!12507549_1140971389254503_3851237566574194064_nThis class was challenging, but awesome.  We were excited that we were pushed and knew that we were burning a ton of calories.  We were so excited about how awesome this class was, that we decided to sign up for once a week class every other week.  Ideally we would love to do more, but we are trying to be budget friendly.  FullSizeRenderHere is some information about Pilates By Heather found at the Towne Lake Lake House Fitness Center:

  • She offers one hour personal training Pilates Reformer classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays 
  • She charges $30.00 an hour (which is super cheap when considering Pilates and Personal Training)
  • She has years of experience and knowledge PicMonkey Collage

This is why we LOVED the class and why we have decided to continue taking Pilates Reformer classes with Heather:

  • Heather was very positive and motivating…she did not make me feel awkward when I had trouble doing some of the movements.  She was helpful and pushed me as hard as I could go.
  • She cared about form.  This was nice because you don’t want to be doing this wrong and not working what should be working.  This is why our other experience seemed so fun and easy.  This was fun, but challenging and worth every penny!
  • She is very professional and takes the classes seriously. You work the full hour and leave feeling like a million dollars!
  • The machine has tons of cool accessories.  She said at the end of the session we would be doing cardio in the form of jumping.  I thought we were going to get off of the machines and do the cardio (I was dreading this).  Instead, she had a cool tool to add to the machine and we did fun jumping cardio exercises on the machine.  Truly, this is my kind of workout because I like changing things up!

Overall, we are so excited to have tried this class because we know doing Pilates Reformer will be one step closer to getting where we want to go.  We think it is hilarious that we had such misconceptions about both spinning and pilates, but ultimately realize that these two classes on a regular basis are going to get us where we want to be.  

Here is what we know.  You can’t just do the same old routine everyday and see results.  Your body gets complacant and you start to plateau.  In order to lose weight, get toned, and love your body, you have to mix up both cardio and weights.  If you run 6 miles a day, every day, that will not guarantee success….You have to add weights and resistance.  Also, don’t be afraid spending money to invest in yourself! People will spend crazy amounts on cars and toys, but spending money on yourself is more important! If you want to change your life, I highly recommend you trying this out!  You will not regret it.  If you live in Towne Lake, you are super lucky to have a very reasonable personal trainer who will get you there! 

My question for you, who is ready to drink the Pilates Refomer Koolaid?

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