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Will You Go Fund Me?

gofundme_logo_4267I would like to take an around the world cruise and know that my dear friends (or blog readers) would love to support my goal by paying for the trip.PicMonkey CollageHaha…Just joking…well at least the first part it true…I would love to take an around the world cruise…who wouldn’t?1201202_1280x720 Today’s blog post was inspired by a recent Go Fund Me Campaign that I saw trying to raise $53 million dollars for Kanye West. Mark Zuckerberg would not give him the money so one of his fans decided to create a go fund me campaign. I’m pretty sure this was done as a publicity stunt and joke. I clicked on the link because let’s face it, sometimes you want to see the train wreck. I started trying to see what kind of people would actually donate to this stupid campaign.

I wasn’t surprised that the donors mostly gave $5.00. Most gave the minimum so that they could plug a business or cause. One lady, a 53 year old from Australia, donated $5.00 so that she could link HER Go Fund Me campaign for others to see. She was asking for $10,000 so that she could study abroad at the University of Westminster in London during July of this year. In her excitement of applying for this program, she forgot that she couldn’t actually afford this type of experience.

co-founders-of-gofundme-brad-damphousse-33-and-andy-ballestor-34Go Fund Me is a crowdfunding platform founded in 2010 by Brad Damphousse and Andrew Ballester. The site allows people to raise money for life events that range from celebrations to sadder events such as death and illness. Go Fund Me earns its money by charging 5% of all money raised during a campaign. If no money is made, no funds are transferred.

569bd40b2a00002c00030a8eThere has been some controversy related to the site since it inception. In 2015 Go Fund Me said they would no longer support legal defense funds after a bigoted bakery tried to raise money for their defense. Other negativity associated with the website includes people scamming others and ridiculous campaigns (the lady who spent too much money buying Powerball tickets).

PicMonkey CollageThis got me thinking. How do I feel about Go Fund Me? How do my friends, family, and others feel about Go Fund Me? Should Go Fund Me be strictly for causes to help out sick people and those having to bury loved ones? Or should people be able to create Go Fund Me campaigns to pay for travel, college tuition, and other types of items.

I asked some of my friends how they feel about Go Fund Me campaigns. The general consensus was that they did not mind being asked when it was for a serious reason (death, illness, helping a couple adopt), but got aggravated when they were asked to pay for travel, college tuition, or some other ridiculous campaign (Tila Tequila begging fans for cash to buy furniture for her new home). 

One of my friends made an interesting point about Go Fund Me campaigns. She said that when you ask people to give you money, you have to be prepared for some donors (not all) to look at your life under a microscope (store purchases, restaurant outings, trips).

tila-tequila-gofundme-home-furnitureWhether you love or hate Go Fund Me, they appear to be something that will stay around. My personal opinion is that I feel that everyone has the right to set up a Go Fund Me Campaign. You may have a child who wants to study abroad and has lots of family members who would rather donate towards this fund versus buying a present. People don’t have to give if they don’t want to. Also, there are lots of meaningful campaigns that are donation worthy. I have no problem donating to someone who is fighting cancer or a sweet family who has to spend thousands and thousands of dollars trying to adopt a child.  You will always have people who abuse positive platforms. 

My question for you, how do you feel about Go Fund Me and what is the craziest request you have received?

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    February 19, 2016 at 7:48 pm

    I have mixed feelings. If a family sets one up for catastrophic reasons and it makes it easy to donate to one place, I don’t see anything wrong with it. As Christians, we are to help each other in times of need. It’s better than mooching off the government. Now, can I set up a GoFundMe account for my newfound blogging endeavor? JK

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