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Wine Club Death Match: Winner Takes All!

wine 1Brad and I received an invitation to a party called “Wine Club Death Match.”

What the heck?????

After learning about the party, we decided it sounded like a super fun idea. 

Our friends Charlie and Claire were hosting a blind wine tasting party.  

wine 11Here is the BEST PART: 

Winner Takes All!

The Rules

  • Each person must bring two bottles of the same wine
  • Wines must be red.
  • Wines must be American.
  • $20.00 limit

***If you were hosting your own party, you could decide the parameters (white wine, red wine, foreign, domestic, price, etc). 

The Game

  • As you arrive at the party, one bottle of wine will be placed in a closet (or room), and the other will be placed in a brown bag.  You will not know what bag your wine will be in because all bags will be given a random letter.   Participants will receive a piece of blank paper to take notes as they taste the wide variety of wines. After everyone is finished tasting the wine, people will write their top three letters and place it in a glass bowl. 
  • The person who brings the wine that has the most points gets to keep all of the bottles stored in the closet.  Winner take all baby!

Getting prepared

I immediately emailed a few friends that I knew loved wine and were familiar with better wines and asked for their top choices of red American wines under $20.00 Brad and I normally buy wines that are $8.00.  Every once and awhile we will splurge on a bottle that is $12.00-$15.00. (People that are really into nice wines will think this is really funny.)  Brad wanted to get a $5.00 bottle for the competition just to see.  I said “No way!”

In the end, we settled on Summers 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon ($20.00) and Sebastiani  2013 Cabernet Sauvignon ($14.00).

wine 9Corrin brought Bogle Cabernet Sauvignon ($11.00) and Dave brought 19 Crimes Red Blend ($11.00).

wine 10Claire and Charlie did not realize that so many people would want to join.  Because forty people RSVP’d, they decided to divide it into two tastings, the ladies and the men.

The competition

Corrin and I knew that with a lot of wine tasting, we would need something hearty to eat.  This is why we decided to make the (Funky Tea Sandwiches) because we all know that bread is always a good filler.

wine 7After the wine was divided, placed in bags, and labeled we got to tasting.  


After talking to Claire after the party, she mentioned that maybe she would do the scorecard different.  

I found the scoring to be easy because I created a scale in my head (0-5).  Wines that were not good (0), wines that were just ok (3), and wines that tasted super good (5).  My card worked out because I had four wines that were scored a five so I went back and tasted them again to narrow it down to three.  

Brad created his system to be based on a scale of 1-10.  He found it much harder to score.

Here are a few other examples of scorecards. 

wine 8Tasting

I knew that I had to be very careful about pouring small pours because there were twenty bottles!  

We had a blast socializing and tasting the different wines!

wine 6Results

Corrin was excited that the Bogle she brought ended up making it to the top three spots for the girls!

The winning wine for the ladies was Saved ($20.00). This was my favorite so I am glad it won.  If you are looking for a nice bottle of wine to take somewhere, drink, or give as a gift, this is a great one!

wine 3The winning wine for the men was Charles and Charles (Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) $11.00.  We bought it for our Valentine’s Day dinner and it was very good.  We also liked the price!

wine 2The Bogle was one of my top three choices so I will definately be buying it in the future.  


This party idea was fantastic!  The neat thing is that you can alter to fit what you like.  You could do it with white wines or reds from another country.  You could also change the price point to a higher or lower amount.  

Most of us agreed that it is better to do it with a smaller amount of people.  My opinion is that it would be perfect with around fifteen people.  Brad thinks that it would be better with ten.  I think that you definitely couldn’t do more than twenty bottles for a tasting.  I loved the idea that the winner got all of the bottles!!! 

wine 5

wine 4In conclusion, this is such a fun party to host.  We still don’t know where the name came from (Corrin tried to research).  Ultimately she came up with the solution that although it was fun, some people may feel like death after trying 20 bottles of wine and then going back for seconds!

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to throw a Wine Club Death Match party?

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