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Disney World v. Disneyland: Which is better?

disney firstToday’s blog is a guest blog from our good friend Amy.  Recently Amy and her family traveled to Disneyland.  They have previously vacationed at Walt Disney World so she she kindly offered to compare the two Disney Parks!12806033_10208349232835659_7488867047523346049_nWe just returned from a Disneyland trip with our 4 year old and we went to Disney world last year in January. Since we did both, one year apart, I’ve gotten lots of questions about comparing the two. I decided I’d make lists of pros for each place. Let me preface this by saying, we had fun at both. We walked a ton at both and had long exhausting days at both! We will probably visit World next time we go with both kids, but we enjoyed Land for a change this time!12799048_10208349233035664_1569156273026631449_n

*Great weather- don’t have to worry about rain here! No ponchos needed for this trip.
*Hotels within walking distance of park/downtown Disney. Our hotel even had its own entrance to California Adventure! Super convenient. No bus lines to wait in.
*California Adventure is awesome- cars land is so cool and way better than Hollywood studios. This is one of our favorite Disney parks.
*Space mountain is 40″ to ride here vs 44″ at world1505221_10205414190141426_4147011023841227078_n

Disney World-
*More parks to choose from- 4 vs 2
*Shorter plane ride (for us)
*Same time zone (our daughter was up at 6:00 am in California and parks didn’t open til 9:00!)
*Less expensive Disney hotel options (there are only 3 Disney hotels in Disneyland)
*Magic Kingdom is more spread out than Disney land so it makes it feel less crowded
*magic bands- land has old school cards/tickets, so you keep up with that & room keys. They need the convenient magic bands!
*3 fast passes that can be planned ahead of time vs 1 at a time that must be done at kiosks in land. We think this helped with lines/efficiency at world.
*Meal plans- land doesn’t offer the meal plans like world does.
*Magic express buses that take you to Disney hotels included in hotel cost. We had to pay for a shuttle to get to our hotel in land.

12803172_10208349233595678_1076775399550076326_nAfter looking at my lists, it might appear that we like World better. We liked both, World just has a little more to offer and seemed more efficient with lines for rides and loading rides. We definitely spent more time waiting around for rides at Land. We will probably visit Land again when our youngest is old enough to ride the bigger rides, but World will definitely be our next Disney trip!

Our question for you, if you have been to both parks, which do you prefer?

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