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Almost Instant Gratification: Part One

garden 1

My husband and I actually disagreed about this topic.  I said it was almost instant gratification and he said “No way, it is a long process that takes time.” 

“Would you like to participate in an activity that provides ALMOST instant gratification?”

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What is it?

Plant a garden.


Ok.  If you are reading this and are:

  1. Married
  2. Single
  3. Dating

You fall into a category that will be great for this!  I promise!  Just keep reading.


Why is it “almost instant gratification?”

Short Story

For years I never had any interest in planning a garden.  Every flower or plant that I have ever owned has died almost right away…EVEN IF I WATERED IT!

Fast forward to a month ago

Corrin “Our neighborhood is doing a community garden, I think we should do it!”

Me “No way.  That is a dumb idea.  We will not grow anything.”

Corrin” Our kids will have so much fun watering and checking on the plants.  It can be a fun spring/summer activity for them!”

Me ” Ok.  I am actually looking for activities for the kids.”

Our neighborhood built a community garden.  They built the plots which include water fountains, water hoses, and soil.  For sixty dollars, you can rent a large garden area for six months. 

Corrin “Let’s half it.  That is only $30.00 a person.”

Me “Ok”

I decided that this would be a fun project for the kids to participate in.  We could walk to our garden everyday and check on the progress.  I honestly had ZERO confidence that our garden would produce anything that we could possible eat.  I thought that everything would die.

Fast Forward

Corrin’s family and our family met on a Sunday at a the Houston Garden Center.  We decided that we would buy plants for three fourths of our area and the one fourth would be seeds. 

garden 9

garden 6

What did we buy?

The easier question would be to ask us what we didn’t buy.  WE BOUGHT A MILLION PLANTS! LOL  We bought tomatoes, peppers, herbs, strawberries, and many more.  For our seeds, we were laughing because we bought corn, cantaloupe, and several other things.

garden 12

My expectations:

I knew that there was NO WAY that our seeds would grow.

The day of:

The kids had a blast picking out the plants and planting them.  Even if all of your plants die, the experience of planting was a blast. 

Our garden literally looks like the Beverly Hillbillies Garden.  We read the planting instructions and understand that we planted our plants way too close to each other.  We don’t care.  We were so excited about planting everything!

As we were planting, there was a group of three older men setting up their garden near us.  They were obviously pros and even set up a mini irrigation system in their garden.  I know they were laughing at us but guess what?

garden 7

garden 5

garden 4

Our garden is going to outshine them! (We’ve got spirit…yes we do…We’ve got spirit…HOW ABOUT YOU?”)

The kids had a blast planting. 

garden 3

How is it going?

garden 2

 Four weeks later we have lots of growth with our plants!  After two weeks, we had a great amount of growth, hence the name of this blog post, almost instant gratification.  The kids have so much fun checking and watering the  garden.  Charlotte and Finley love playing with their little shovels  in the dirt. We are shocked that our seeds are growing like crazy.  We are worried that our corn will eventually overtake the garden!!!!

garden 10

Our community is really a community because people offer to water other people’s gardens while they are away on vacation.

Why should you do it?

  1. If you are married (or dating) and have no kids, this is a fun activity to do with your partner.  Whatever you grow, you can have a fun dinner celebrating your organic naturally grown vegetables!
  2. If you are single, this will give you a fun hobby to do.  Think of the sense of accomplishment you will feel!  Also, imagine cooking a meal and telling your date “I grew those vegetables and herbs!”  They will be so impressed with your skills that they will propose to you super fast.  I promise.
  3. If you have kids, this is a great activity to do with your kids.  They will have a blast checking on the plants. 

garden 8   4. Your plants WILL grow if you water them (and fast!!!)  After a week,   you will see progress!!!! That is fast!  Even if you can only grow them in small pots inside, you should grow something!!!!

5. If you have a flower bed, take a small area and plant some vegetables.  Make sure you don’t put mulch in that area because mulch can be cacogenic to the food.  (That is what our lawn guy said).  We took a few of our plants that didn’t fit into our box and planted them in our back yard.  They are also growing well!

Our banana peppers and yellow peppers are doing the best out of everything!

garden 11


We all know that growing our own food is best.  It is also a lot of fun and there is lots of gratification.  I think you should give it a try.  I will give you an update on our Beverly Hillbillies Garden in a few weeks. 

My question for you is this:  Who is going to the garden center this weekend to start this fun project!!!!!

FREE:  If you live in the Houston area:  If you go to Houston Garden Center’s website and sign up for their email list, they will send you a $20.00 gift card!  I just got mine in the mail!

garden 13




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