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BYOS….Bring Your Own Stuff….

PicMonkey CollageToday’s blog was inspired by something that happened recently on a Saturday.  Christa and I have been so busy lately with events, family, practices, etc, that we just wanted a weekend or two to basically have no plans.  We have been trying to get this weight off and have recently realized that our “fun” weekends were sabotaging us. 

It was a Friday evening and we just finished having dinner with Christa and Brad.  At the end of dinner this is what our conversation looked like:

Christa, “What are y’all doing tomorrow night, do you have plans?”

Me, “Nope, we have nothing planned.”

Christa, “Y’all should come over.  We bought steaks to grill.”

Me, “Sounds fun.”

Christa, “Y’all are welcoming to come over, but you have to BRING YOUR OWN STUFF.”

Me, “Huh?”

Christa, “We would love for you to come, but we are planning on an easy, low key night where we don’t have to spend a million dollars and just sort ourselves out.  You are welcome to bring a steak, sides, etc and throw it on our grill.”

Me, “Perfect!  I actually love that idea.  I can get a really good steak if I don’t have to buy lots of them!”

The next day Christa was chatting with her neighbors across the street (Carrie and Cassie) and told them the same thing.  “This is very last minute, but you guys are welcome to come over, sit by the fire pit, etc, but you have to bring your own stuff.”

IMG_3991Saturday evening ended up being SO NICE!

Why was it so nice? 

#1.  It was easy.  We were hanging out with friends, but did not have to sort out lots of people, just ourselves.

#2.  It was pretty inexpensive.  Buying a nice steak and a potato is much cheaper than going out to eat.  Also, it seems like every time you invite friends over, you spend a couple hundred dollars.  This was not the case. 

steak#3.  Everyone got to eat/drink exactly what they wanted to have. 

#4.  It was very informal.  We didn’t have to dress up, we just wore comfortable clothes and had a great time with family/friends.

IMG_4013#5.  Nobody was weird or offended by being told, “We would love for you to come over, but bring your own stuff.”

#6.  Everyone pitched in, was respectful about cooking space, grill time, and actually we shared any extras we had (which was nice to not throw away food).

My question for you, do you do this with your friends? If so, what is a tip you would like to share?

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