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Come On In Y’all! The Perfect Front Door Sign!

IMG_5011Today’s blog was inspired by a recent teacher’s gift that we think everyone (teacher or not) needs at their own home!

Many of you are social and have people coming over to your house for whatever reason (play date, bbq, party, etc). Christa and I were inspired by a blog to create a door sign that tells friends’ to just come on in. We loved the idea so much that Christa even hosted a mommy craft to make our own!

Recently we have gone to several events at our friends’ homes or hosted events and chuckle every time we see the signs!! We love them!!! We recognize that some of our signs are super cute and some are just ok (mine)!signfinWe wanted to make our kid’s teachers a present and decided to silhouette a fun Come On In Sign. The idea is that the teachers can actually use them at their own homes. It is not an expensive gift, but it is a very cute, practical gift that we hope they can use!IMG_5015

So, here you have it! If you are looking for the PERFECT, inexpensive gift, or fun mommy’s craft, this is it! We all need a little sign that we can hang on our front door that says “Come On In”. The other side can say another saying “We Are In Back”, or whatever you like.IMG_5010My question for you, who has one of these signs and how much do you love it?

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