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I Didn’t Want It Until Everyone Wanted It!!!

12799380_10155197368507837_4683234240045166676_nHave you ever found yourself not really wanting something in particular, but the second it seems “others” want it, you have to have it? I have experienced this a few times in my life.

The first time I remember this feeling was when my mom told my sisters that we HAD to go to Tuesday Mornings to buy a down comforter that was soo nice and expensive, but was super cheap and was a door buster. We all waited in line and actually didn’t want the down confronter until we saw that others “HAD TO HAVE IT!”

IMG_4346Fast forward to recently. Both Christa and I have hired our wonderful friend and neighbor Angela to help us decorate our homes. We are Facebook and Instagram friends with her. We both noticed that she was in love with this Target marble serving tray. She made it look “so cool” and posted lots of pictures. We have a birthday party coming up and decided that if Angela though this particular Target tray was such a great find, this would be the perfect gift.

I (Corrin) went to our local Target to buy the particular tray. I couldn’t find it, but decided I would order it once I got home. Fast forward to a couple of hours when I realized that this particular “awesome tray” was sold out and you couldn’t buy it online. The best you could hope was buying it from a store near you.

I looked up our Houston stores and saw that it was SOLD OUT in all of Houston!!! I tried Lafayette and saw that only one store had a few available, but they would let me only buy 1 to be picked up by my sister!!!IMG_4347

I couldn’t believe I couldn’t get a hold of this tray easily.  I decided this marble tray must be a hidden gem because it was so hard for me to purchase!

I was not discouraged and decided to check Austin (where my in-laws live). All of Austin was sold out, except for the one random store near my in-law’s house. I ordered 2 and my sweet mother-in-law agreed to pick them up. By this time, I was OBSESSED with these $29.99 trays (plus a 10% discount). They MUST be awesome if you can’t get them!!! I decided to order 3 more from the Austin store. It went through and I was ecstatic. Christa wanted one, I wanted one, and I would give the other 3 as presents.

Except my order for 3 got canceled….I thought, “I wonder if that was a mistake”?

I placed another order for 3 and it also got canceled.

So, there you have it. Apparently Angela was right and this tray is awesome!!!

If you live in a random part of the country and want to see if you can order it, go to target.com and type in “marble serving tray”.

My friend Angela said this piece was great because it is real marble and looks cool.

My question for you, what is something that you didn’t want, until everyone else wanted it?

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