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Easter Egg Hunts Are NOT Just For Little Kids

eggs 1This blog post was inspired by the fact that I have four older kids (13,13,15,17) and one smaller kid (2).  Of course we will have an Easter egg hunt for the two year old.  This year I decided that I would do a Easter egg hunt for the older kids as well.  You are never too old to have fun and hunt for eggs!  This made me think “I want to hunt for eggs!” Wouldn’t an adult egg hunt be fun too?

eggs 5So I set off to find two things:

  1. Find information for organizing an egg hunt for older kids
  2. Find information for organizing an egg hunt for adults

I scoured the web and found two great websites for an older kid egg hunt and the other for hosting an adult egg hunt.  (Why reinvent the wheel right?)

eggs 6(Disclaimer: The two blogpost ideas are 100 percent not my ideas.  All of the information are ideas of the authors of the blogs.  Even the pictures are from the authors).

First Blog:  Planning an Easter Egg Hunt For Big Kids

The details can all be found at http://hubpages.com/holidays/Planning-an-Easter-Egg-Hunt-For-Big-Kids

eggs 2I will give you the gist:

You can have the egg hunt at the same time as the little ones.  Make sure that you choose one color of egg that ONLY the older kids can find (example:  all green). You can put the older kid’s eggs in more difficult places.  The older kids are all working together collecting the eggs because they are working together toward the common goal, finding the big surprise.

Before you start the hunt, buy a fun prize that the older kids will like. I think it would be fun to get one basket and fill it with things that they would like (candy, gift cards, pool toys, dvd’s…whatever).  Arrange to have it on the porch of one of your neighbors in advance.

You fill the older kids eggs with clues as to where the big prize is.  

The author of the blog above suggested several cute ideas.  These all require taking paper and putting them in each egg with different things written on them.

  1. Have positive and negative numbers….Have kids take the numbers and figure out the equation….the final number will be the house number (address) of the neighbor where the big surprise is being hidden.  
  2. Fill the eggs with letters of the neighbors.  They must figure out what all of the letters spell (Example: Wilson’s House)
  3. Use phrases in each egg such as “The prize can be found at the home of the Wilsons.”

My opinion:

I think there are so many different variations you could do.  You could write the phrase in another language and have the kids figure it out (using their phones).  You could give clues about the neighbor’s house or the neighbor’s themselves.  The sky is the limit with this one.  

The TIP that the author included that I think is necessary is this:  


“Keep a note in your pocket of all the numbers that are in the green eggs and the hiding places.

If the kids simply cannot find one, or a slip of paper goes AWOL, you’ll have to step in and provide the missing info, so the hunt can keep going smoothly.”

Second Blog: 12 Steps to Throwing a Grown Up Easter Egg Hunt Booze Included

Author: Allyson Dickman

The thing that I love about this blog, http://www.bustle.com/articles/18097-12-steps-to-throwing-a-grown-up-easter-egg-hunt-booze-included, is that it include beautiful pictures and very easy steps to organzing an adult egg hunt.

eggs 3The gist:

  1. Set up a Mimosa Bar (for a brunch before the hunt)
  2. Have a DIY Waffle Station
  3. Decorate: Take eggshells that you have drained and put flowers on the top.
  4. Have guest dress up in some type of holiday accessory (bunny ears) and divide your guest into two teams
  5. Hand out a set of clues to each team leading them to 10 to 20 well hidden eggs (the blog has examples)
  6. Before the hunt starts, hand each team three confetti eggs to smash on opposing team throughout the hunt.
  7. Fill your hidden eggs with candy, alcohol, etc
  8. For the ladies, fill the eggs with costume jewelry, nail polish, or bow ties
  9. Place Jell-O shot filled eggs at random throughout the hunt and when a team comes across it, they have to take the shot.
  10. Grand Prize: For the team that collected their eggs in the shortest amount of time, put together a sophisticated Easter basket loaded with stuff.
  11. Celebrate a hunt with a confetti cake to match the confetti eggs
  12. Party favors:  Send guest home with a favor. Layer graham cracker crumbs, peeps, pastel M&M’s inside a mason jar for an Easter s’mores brownie kit.  

eggs 4My opinion:

I love the adult party blog because I think you could curtail it towards your group.  If your friends don’t drink, you could do it with other things besides alcohol.  

My question for you is this:  Who is going to host one of these?


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