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Entrepreneurship 101…


Today’s blog was inspired by my quest to find shows that don’t include murder (I am obsessed with the ID channel, but it is not family appropriate).  I love watching Shark Tank and wanted to find similar types of shows that related to business and the entrepreneurial spirit.

Imagine my surprise when I found that CNBC has turned its “boring” programming into non-cheesy reality tv shows that actually make you think!

cnbc-logo-500x270I can honestly admit that I am equally obsessed to the ID channel and to CNBC.  I know this sounds crazy, but I will tell you why YOU will soon become obsessed as well!

First, my perspective is coming from an on-demand point of view.  When I’m not watching Netflix and am using my cable box, I want to find shows to watch on demand.  This is where CNBC has come into play. 

I started by getting caught up with Shark Tank episodes, but soon graduated to all of the other programming.  Here are some of the current shows I am obsessed with!

1Restaurant Start-Up:  Two high profile restauranteurs listen to 2 pitches by people in the restaurant industry who are looking to open a new restaurant.  They listen to the concept, taste the food, and then decide which of the two they might actually be interested in placing an investment.  The winning pitch is given $7,500, a location, and 36 hours to turn the concept into a functioning restaurant.  Antonia Lafaso  (Top Chef alumnus) acts as a mentor to help the budding entrepreneur. Ultimately the 2 potential investors experience the restaurant opening and then decide whether they want to invest in the business.

American Greed:  This program focuses on the stories behind some for he biggest corporate white collar crimes in recent U.S. history (think Enron, Bernie Madoff).

Billion Dollar Buyer: Tilman Fertitta (billionaire, founder of Landry’s, McCormick & Schmicks, Salt Grass, Rainforest Cafe, etc) meets with two small businesses per episode with the goal of potentially investing in their business.  He identifies the areas of weakness and decides whether he can offer his expertise and financial backing. 

Make Me a Millionaire Inventor: This show allows inventors the opportunity to meet with experts to fine tune their inventions and meet in front of potential investors. 

The Profit: Marcus Lemonis (boyfriend of Bethany Frankel…lol and entrepreneur) offers struggling small businesses capital investment and expertise in exchange for partial ownership in the company.  The show is interesting because you often see small business owners who are about to shut down fight with Lemonis’s common sense business approach. 

Undercover Boss:  Many people have seen this show where owners of large corporations go undercover and pretend to be common workers.  The goal is for them to see the cracks in the business.  I really never understood how people could really “buy” this cover because of the cameras.  No matter what, it is a heart warming show. 

Here are some of the shows that I want to watch:2Blue Collar Millionaires:  This chronicles blue collared workers who have become millionaires. 

Secret Lives of the Super Rich:  This series delves into the lives of the super rich.  It shows what they buy, eat, drink, wear, and much more. 

Consumed:  Chronicles the highs and lows of five different competitive New York restaurants. 

So, there you have it, a list of entrepreneur based reality shows that will peak your interest.  If you are looking for something new and interesting to watch, I highly recommend checking out CNBC.  There is a great chance you will find something fun to watch.

My question for you, who will admit that they like CNBC as much as me?



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