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God’s Not Dead…and another crazy Skelly story

God 1

Anyone that knows me knows that the most important things in my life are my faith and my family. Everything else comes behind these two things.  My closest friends also know that there is never a dull moment in my life…ever.

I don’t believe in coincidences…I believe that Jesus is always near me and many times throughout the day, I have conversations with him.  

I have been dealing with gastrointestinal issues for about five years.  I am thankful for these issues (ha) because they led me to get a colonoscopy which definitely saved my life because of my colon polyp issues.

Sometimes my stomach is good and sometimes it is not good.  On Thanksgiving, I was at my in laws in Conroe and my stomach had been hurting for several weeks.  It was so bad that I drove myself in the middle of the night to a quick care emergency care.  The doctor did several tests and ultimately said I needed to just go back to my gastrologist to figure out what was wrong.  

I went to my gastrologist and had an endoscopy (they put you under and put a tube down your throat).  I just had a slight inflammation of my stomach (gastritis).  The doctor gave me medicine that they give to people with stomach ulcers and my stomach felt a million times better.  I was back in business.

Fast forward to last Monday.  I told my gastrologist that I felt like I needed to stay on the ulcer medicine because when I didn’t take it, my stomach would start to hurt.  This didn’t make sense to him so he wanted to do further testing.  I told him when I pushed on my stomach, it was tender.  He began to talk to me about my pancreas.  The area that hurt was right by my pancreas.  Maybe I had Pancreatitis?  Maybe I had Pancreatic cancer (that was my suggestion…not his…).  My mind started to the worst place.  Obviously there was something majorily wrong with me (my thoughts…not his).  He ordered some tests and I started to panic.

I had already had thyroid cancer and lots of polyps on my colon that would have turned into cancer….so in my mind, I had something really bad.

I started to have an anxiety attack.  I immediately started to pray.

For Lent, I decided to read everyday from a book called “100 Favorite Bible Verses.”  After my mini panic attack, I went home to read my daily verse from this book.  


This is how I know God’s not dead.  The verse that was for this day was Isaiah 41: 10. “Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God.  I will strengthen you.  Yes, I will help you.  I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.

God 2

This was no coincidence.  God was telling me “Do not be afraid.  You are ok.”

My anxiety went away and I thanked God for sending me this message.

I had tests done on Wednesday.  I started to worry again.  I tried to make myself think back to the verse I read on Monday.

On Thursday, I had bad pains in my stomach (when I pushed on it) and sharp pains in my back.  My gastrologist told me that sharp pains in the back can be a sign of something dangerous (kidney problems or pancreatic problems).  I started to freak out.  The pains were really bad.  

In my mind there was something really wrong with me.

I called my gastroligist and they squeezed me in that day.  I knew my test results would be done.  I texted my sweet friend Lindsey who is in the medical field and our “doctor friend.”  She immediately called me to ask me about my symptoms.  She was soooo nice and told me that I would be ok.  

I decided that I needed someone to go with me in case they told me that I had Pancreatic Cancer.  Paige said she would watch the kids so Corrin went with me.  Right before the appointment, I had a revelation.  

The crazy Skelly factor

It was at this moment that I thought to myself “What if my stomach and back pains are from the abs classes that I am taking that are working my stomach out like crazy….and what if the back pain is from the pilates workout?

I talked to my pilates friend and instructor Heather and she said “I worked your upper body like crazy….the pain in your back is from the hard work out.”  My abs instructor/friend Tiffany confirmed that my abs would be sore from our super hard workout.

Corrin wanted to kill me but she still went with me to our gastroligist.  

My gastrologist confirmed that my tests all came back perfect.  My stomach, pancreas, kidneys,etc were all great.

I felt like the biggest fool.  My tender stomach was from working out really hard.  My sharp back pain was also from working out.  

God was probably laughing at me too but he communicated to me that I was good and I started to have doubts…Shame on me.

I am so grateful for my life and my faith.  God is definitely not dead.  If you haven’t seen the movie, you should watch it.

And as far as crazy Skelly stories, our Easter weekend could not have ended in a normal way.

God 3

My parents are letting us use their golf cart.  They had it delivered to our house and told us that it needed four new batteries which they would pay for (score:)

We went to the battery store and showed them a picture of the batteries.  They told us what we needed to order ($1,000).  We ordered the batteries and they arrived on Friday.  Dave spent the weekend figuring out how to install them.  

Fast forward to Easter.  Dave got the batteries installed and turned on the golf cart.

It immediately caught on fire.  Corrin and Dave were lucky not to die with this fire and were able to extinguish it. The four batteries ($1,000) were ruined.  

Long story short, we were suppose to buy a certain battery that had water.  The four we bought did not have water.  My dad sent us specific information and we somehow overlooked that text message.  A very expensive lesson but at least Dave and Corrin weren’t killed.

My question for you is this:  When has God sent you a message?


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