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Hello Fresh! A Meal Delivery Review

PicMonkey CollageToday’s blog is a guest blog written by our sweet friend Raquel.  For several months I have seen fabulous meals Raquel has made thanks to a meal delivery company called Hello Fresh.  Raquel not only wrote a blog, she gave me and Dave a meal to try out on our own!

12764781_10207394404770613_1747601054326854597_oThree months ago (December 2015) my friend Diane shared something called “Hello Fresh” with me. I had no idea what it was. She came to my home to prepare one of the three meals that came to her door in a box. 
It was a yummy steak dinner. I was Diane’s sous-chef in my kitchen. 

Capture1I was WOWed! It looked like a fancy meal. It didn’t take long to cook. The meal came with the recipe card with complete steps on how to prepare the meal. I am hooked!! I am obsessed!

What is Hello Fresh?

It is one of many home delivery services. This company saves me time and money.


They portion up all the ingredients and deliver them straight to my door. I am cooking nutritious, tasty food from scratch! I create flavorsome, exciting home-cooked meals! I can just get on with the cooking, and have more time to devote to my little fur babies after a long day at the office.

What I love about Hello Fresh:

The meals are very fresh. It’s convenient. If you know me I have a crazy work week. I don’t have time to grocery shop fresh every day I choose to cook. The last decision I want to make after a 12 to 15 hour day is what am I going to have for dinner. Yes the grocery store is about a mile from my house but after work the last thing I want to do is grocery shop for one! I don’t waste produce or other perishable items.Capture7The Hello Fresh website is very easy to navigate. I was delighted to try Hello Fresh because my friend introduced it to me first hand by cooking for me! I used her referral code and got $40 bucks off my first box. I got all my questions answered via their friendly secure website. To find out for yourself what Hello Fresh offers, give them a try using my referral code: T9NUSS www.hellofresh.com/raf-helloshare/?c=T9NUSS.

Here is what a Family size box looks like inside the box … (Photo from Hello Fresh website) I figure most of the Skelly Twin Blog audience is a family household of 3 or more).Capture2 I get a smaller pack Called Classic size which is for a household of two. I love the Classic Packs because I can make freezer meals or cook three recipes over the course of the weekend and have variety the following work week instead of left overs of the same thing all week.

The box is has an insulated insert and has a barrier that holds ice packs. Packaging and frozen water blocks are recyclable.

How Does Hello Fresh Meal Delivery Service Work?

Hello Fresh chefs create amazing recipes every week for you that are easy to prepare. I get the 2 person Classic Box. My diet is balanced and varied. I get to choose my meals! I no longer cook a large pot of something and eat left overs all week … This is BORING by the third day!!

I no longer waste time at the grocery store. All the ingredients are pre-measured! I no longer have to buy a full bottle of a sauce that I may use a couple of times. I get the amount needed for the recipe. And … it’s delivered to my door FREE shipping!!

I get to cook fancy meals! The recipes are quick and easy and there are no obscure ingredients. I know exactly what is in my meal and it’s FRESH!

They have a Flexible Subscription ~ what this means … You can Skip a week; Make Meal Choices; Switch between 2 to 4 person box; Switch between Classic and Veggie; Update your Payment Method, Reactivate your deleted status; Deactivate your status. 

Capture3I did the math; I think I am about even when it comes to the dollar value of what I like to shop for versus what is in my Classic Box of Hello Fresh meals. I am a house hold of three … one human and two precious fur babies. Therefore I get six meals a week for 69.00 delivered to my door! (Again, it’s all about me!) I discovered I could make single serving freezer meals! Yay me! I have incredible fancy lunch with the left over meal.
It’s all about me! Capture4Size of the Classic Box: 
Insulated packaging and ice packs. Meats, Fish, Poultry are on the bottom with the ice packs placed on top, then the card box barrier. The holes let the top boxes stay nice and chilled without freezing them.Capture5Capture6

Fresh ingredients for three full meals for two. Capture8Nice leisure Sunday. Prepping  Salmon dish. Couscous in Perfect Cooker. Getting reacquainted with  kitchen tools takes me back to being a PC consultant. Watching yummy  in and having a glass of Pinot in my favorite wine glass designed by Ann Bowen Holtman.

I actually think I am saving money because I am having fancy meals either at home or for lunch at the office!!

(From Corrin)…Here was my experience.PicMonkey Collage

Raquel gave us a box for two of Honey Glazed Pork Tenderloin. I was so excited to actually try Hello Fresh!  Dave and I prepared the meal together and had a great time.  It was like a little mini date.  I loved that everything was written in very easy steps and the entire process took less than 30 minutes.  The portions were huge and we actually had left overs that I ate for lunch the next day. I love that you do not have waste that sometimes you do when you buy things at the grocery store and never get to.  In fact, I joked with Dave that I bought 2 sweet potatoes a few weeks ago that we never ate and I ended up throwing away in the garbage.  I actually think we might save money by doing this a few times a week because we inevitably waste a lot of food that I buy and we don’t ever get to eating! 

My question to you is … are you ready to try Hello Fresh?

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    this is really gcool how much is it for a week/

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      March 3, 2016 at 12:27 pm

      It is about 10.00 per serving per meal….

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