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Oh No We Didn’t…..Yes, Unfortunately We Did!

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This blog post was inspired by our recent trip to the Houston Rodeo during the day. A group of us decided that we would meet up at Reliant Park with our kiddos (who weren’t in official school) and let them enjoy the Rodeo carnival, animals, and food. We knew we would do a lot of walking and decided to go for comfort versus fashion. 


Or at least that is what everyone messaged each other on Facebook.  The problem was that unlike the rest of the girls, we managed to make our tennis shoes and other apparel look as bad as it could get. The rest of the girls might have been sporting tennis shoes (I didn’t notice) but if they did, they all looked super cute. 
It all started when I decided it would probably be hot and packed a pair of mommy shorts.  I threw in a smaller similar size hoping I could fit into them. The plan was that Christa and I would drop Isabella off at school and then head to the gym with the rest of the kids.  We would work out, shower, get ready, and then head straight to the Rodeo. 
Christa mentioned she wished she would have brought shorts and I kindly offered her the smaller extra pair I brought with me.  We got in a great work out, showered, changed, and threw on some make up.
Here is when it got real.  We were in the parking lot, kids in the wagon (very bad idea), headed towards the carnival when we just looked at each other.  We had the same look on our faces and then started laughing.  We both decided that not only did we not look cute, but we knew better.  There were all these other moms with small children who looked so put together.  You know those people. The people who could have $5.00 or $5 million dollars and always manage to look cute.

Their make-up always looks flawless, their skin looks perfect, and they seem to have the latest trend in clothing and pull it off effortlessly.  Not the Skelly twins.  Or not at that moment.  We were two mommies wearing mommy jean shorts, with semi wet hair from not taking the time to use the blow dryers we brought with us to the gym.


It made me start thinking.  Why can’t I ever seem to get this “polished” look?  I have done Stitch Fix for about a year and have tons of super cute pieces of clothing in my closet.  Yet, I still have my moments where I look like a dumpy mom.  
I have decided the answer is time.  I need to take a breath, slow down for a second, and put more time and effort into “ME”.  Instead of always trying to make my kids look super cute and coordinated, I need to include myself on the list.  


There are many benefits to this solution.
#1. I will feel better about myself.
#2. My husband and kids will feel proud to be associated with me.
#3. I might get treated differently if I am “put together’.
#4. It might motivate to continue hitting it hard in preparation of swimsuit season.


In conclusion, both Christa and I got home from our treacherous, long day at the rodeo and unbeknownst to each other, immediately changed into “cute clothes”.  Christa even went as far as going to TJ Max and purchasing a few cute tops.  
We have decided that we both are going to step up our “getting ready” game.  We are going to take more time picking out our outfits, putting on our make-up, and doing our hair. We aren’t going to go that two extra weeks between hair colorings, trying to save a few dollars.  We aren’t going to put on old pjs at 5:00 PM because we are tired.  Instead, we are going to make sure to not forget that yes, we are mommies, and wives, but we still are individuals who have lots of spunk!
My question for you is this: Who is ready to step up their glamor game with us?

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