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We Heart Toms Shoes

toms-logoI know I am late to the game.  For years lots of my friends have worn Tom’s shoes.  I was always too cheap to buy them, but knew those who had them loved them.  Last July we were on vacation and I broke down and bought my first pair.  After that, I became hooked!  They are the most comfortable shoes!!!

IMG_4114TOMS is a for profit shoe company founded in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie, a Texas entrepreneur. Blake came up with the idea of starting a shoe company that would donate one pair of shoes for every pair sold while he was living in Argentina. He decided to use a simple Argentine alpargata design for the shoe. To date, Toms has donated more than 10 million shoes to children living in poverty in third world countries. Interestingly, the name Toms came from Mycockie’s original idea Shoes for Tomorrow, which was later shorted to Tommorrow’s Shoes (TOMS) so the name could fit on the shoe. Today Toms sells eyeglasses and bags with the same one for one gift model.

I wore my one and only pair into the ground until they had several holes.  I then broke down and ordered another pair on Amazon.  They were actually a decent price at $31.00.

shoesIn the mean time I bought several pair for my girls on beg barter sites from my friends.  I still could not make myself spend $40.00 on kids shoes!

IMG_4134Recently Isabella needed some casual shoes.  She has tennis  shoes and sandals, but needed some casual shoes to go with most of her outfits.  I broke down and let her pick out a pair because her sisters had the ones I bought from my friends. IMG_4113So, if you are looking for some VERY comfortable, durable shoes, I recommend trying them out if you haven’t yet.  Although it is a for profit business, it is nice to know that there is some community activism that is involved in the sale of each pair.  If you are looking for a similar product for a lower price point, Target has some super cute ones that they just rolled out! 

My question for you, are you a fan of Toms?



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