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$69.00 Flights From The U.S. To Europe!!!!

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I know this sounds too good to be true, but it might soon be a reality!!!!

Today’s blog post was inspired by our recent house guests who came from Copenhagen.  They are traveling the U.S. for 4 months and have arranged several home exchanges while they are gone.  We will be staying in their home in June for a week.

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They came over for dinner the other night and we started talking about the cost of traveling between the United States and Europe.  They said they paid $1300 for their plane tickets from Copenhagen to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.  We said, “Oh, that seems reasonable, that is what we paid for our each one of our tickets for our trip this summer”.  Imagine our surprise when the said, “Oh no, that was for all 5 of us to fly over!”  

WHAT!!! How can that be?

Apparently Norwegian Air (Europe’s 3rd largest budget airline) has started opening up routes that offer these heavily discounted prices.  

The Danish family’s 4 month old baby got to fly for free (this is not the case for babies flying international travel on our major airlines such as United or Delta) and the tickets were one way because of their travel schedule.

I started researching how this could be possible and came across a NBC news article that stated Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA hopes to sell one-way tickets for $69 as early as 2017 by flying from U.S. airports that have low fees. They are considering smaller U.S. airports such as New York’s Westchester County Airport and plan on using smaller planes that the smaller airports can accommodate. 


I realize that these cheap fairs won’t necessary work for everyone wanting to travel from the U.S. to Europe, but could help some wanting to find cheap deals.  If you could find a cheap ticket to New York City, it might save you lots of money to fly a budget airline that flies to Europe. 

My question for you, do you think this could really happen?


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