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This Blog Could Save Your Life…Do You Have One?

walmartToday’s blog post was inspired by our recent golf cart fiasco….

Backstory: My parents recently sold their house in Tyler (in a golf community) and said we could “use” the golf cart indefinitely as long as we agreed to bring it back to Breaux Bridge once a year for the Crawfish Festival. Our neighborhood is not a golf community, but having a golf cart would be very convenient to putter around. Right before the golf cart was brought to our house, my parents realized the batteries were dead. Do you know how expensive golf cart batteries are?12809764_10208035325017647_362005480654563008_nThey run about $1000.00 (4 batteries x $250 each). My dad graciously said he would contribute $700.00 and Christa and I could split the difference. Christa and I set out to buy the batteries and sort things out. We found the batteries and soon brought them home (they are heavy!). Easter weekend Dave spent Friday, Saturday, and Sunday figuring out how to install the batteries. He was very careful about using electrical tape and keeping everything separate.

That was until he went to tighten a metal rod down to keep everything in place…All of a sudden a ton of sparks were flying. It looked like we were in a welding shop. And then there was a small fire.

Dave, “Corrin, go get the fire extinguisher”.

Me, “We don’t have one”.

Dave (getting more worried), “Corrin, go get the fire extinguisher”.


Dave, “Go borrow one from the neighbor”.

Me, “You go borrow one from a neighbor”.

I ran inside and grabbed a towel for Dave to try and use. In my mind I didn’t know if the towel would cause the fire to get bigger. I knew we shouldn’t use water. I had no idea what we would do if the towel didn’t work.

Thankfully the towel worked! It could have turned really bad.

After the initial shock wore off, we started talking about how stupid we were to not have a fire extinguisher. I asked Christa if she had one and she said yes, somewhere in the garage, but it would probably take a decent amount of time to find it.IMG_5229

Dave immediately went inside and ordered 2 fire extinguishers on Amazon.  They were $19.95 each. One will go under our sink and the other will go in the garage.

IMG_4852-2Back to the golf cart. All 4 batteries appeared to be FRIED….We were devastated that $1000.00 went up in flames. Monday morning Christa picked me up and we loaded all 4 batteries into her car. She decided that we were going to sort this out.  We decided to take them back to the store because we were convinced we bought the wrong batteries. The manager looked at the batteries, tested them, and said we bought the correct batteries and 3 out of the 4 were still good!!!! We were ecstatic and decided to sort the golf cart out.

Dave went to work and told his co-workers about the fiasco.  They all collectively agreed that we needed to have a golf company repair shop tow it away and fix it. I wonder if they were going to collectively chip in for this decision..lol

Christa “Nope.  We can figure this out for a lot cheaper.”

Dave:  “Just have it towed!”

Christa : “Be quiet Dave.”

We posted our dilemma on Facebook and several sweet people offered help and advice.

One of our cords was fried so someone suggested we go to an audio car shop to get it fixed.  We drove to a shady one where the guy agreed to make us a new one for twenty dollars.  We knew we were getting swindled but twenty was cheap compared to the 1,o00 we thought we had lost.

Christa called the battery place and they came out to our house and installed the batteries for $40.00 (the golf cart company wanted $100.00 just to tow it from our house).  Of course the battery guy showed up with four new cords (for free) that we just paid $20.00 for.  The installer took several hours to hook up our batteries.  I think the company lost money on us.  There were two wires that he couldn’t figure out.  He got the lights working but it wouldn’t go forward.

We called our friend Tyler who has the same golf cart.  He came over and the guys figured out the two wires and the golf cart was back in buissiness.

Dave: “Glad the cart is working.”

Christa: “Dave, do you still wish we had the thing towed? Just say, Christa you were right.”

In the end, our determination to get the golf cart working prevailed.

Our story was positive….It could have gone so bad had the fire grown and burnt the cart and our house.

My question for you, do you have a fire extunguisher and if so, do you know where it is located?

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