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Why Dip Clips Are The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread!

clip-1_zps5c38b8f1My mom loves to watch a show on the DIY network called “I Want That’.  The show features a wide range of “cool” products that range in price from a few dollars to thousands of dollars.  The nice thing about the show is that many of the items featured can be easily purchased on Amazon. diy-showchip-i-want-thatA couple of months ago my mom sent me three cool products featured on the show.  One of the products were these cute little dip bowls that could be clipped onto the side of a plate or dish.  The other night I was hosting bunco and decided to pull the clips out and use them for the first time. IMG_5399I loved that I could put humus in the middle of a veggie tray and then clip on the dip clips for the ranch dip.  I also clipped on mustard to my sausage tray.  IMG_5401Imagine my surprise when my friends came over and LOVED these clips!!! They couldn’t get over how cute and convenient they were!  My only regret was that I only had 4 of them.  I decided to order 4 more and found the them for a low price ($6.09 for a set of 4).http:// 

I love these clips and plan on ordering them for stocking stuffers, housewarming gifts, hostess gifts, etc.  They are something you don’t realize you need until you have them and use them!

My question for you, have you seen these before? 

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