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We Drank The Orange Kool-Aid, Why You Should Too!!!

1620762_926131530839242_2606917574944666022_nI hate working out, but I want to be skinny!!!! I have way too much fun on the weekends and spend the rest of the week making up for it. I am that person. I have tried every workout, diet, trainer, dvd, weight loss group…you name it, and I have tried it.

Fast forward to the New Year. I finally sorted out my blood sugar issues (reason I wasn’t losing weight) and hit it hard. Actually, Christa and I both have hit it hard. We work out about 5 times a week. We do reformers pilates on Tuesdays and have been doing spin, abs, and other weight/cardio exercises.orange 2Recently an Orangetheory Fitness opened in our neighborhood that several of our friends were raving about. Orangetheory is basically an intense one hour workout with a personal trainer in a group setting. I decided to try it out and signed up for twice a week classes. After my first workout I upped my membership to unlimited and because I wanted to go much more often! Christa joined shortly thereafter and now we are both drinking (and loving) the Kool-Aid.

The idea is that you have different heart rate zones (blue, green, orange, red). You are wearing a heart rate monitor the entire hour and are able to view your zone on a large tv. Ideally you spend most of your workout in the green and orange zones and if you can get to the red zone (the best), great. I will be working out and see that I am on the cusp of the red zone, so I will step it up.0433410093_12964410_8colYou receive one “Splat Point” for every minute you stay in the orange or red zone throughout the workout. Ideally they like for your splat points to be at least a 12.

One of my biggest issues with working out is that I get bored or unmotivated. Orangetheory is fast paced, fun, challenging, and the hour goes by FAST! It is actually very addicting (and this is coming from someone who does not like working out normally). Generally you will spend half of the class doing cardio (treadmill, rowing machine) and the other half working out with weights, straps, balls, and other personal training equipment. There is one trainer who is constantly walking between the two groups providing instruction, tips, and motivation. There are videos in the cardio room that demonstrate the circuit of exercises you are working on.LaurenSchwaiger-Active-life-Style-Blog-Orangetheory-Fitness-Charlotte-NC-Quail-CornersFor those of you who have health issues (bad knees, etc) they have alternative options (bike, elliptical).

This is what I LOVE about Orangetheory:
The workout is intense.
I burn a lot of calories (around 600 per time)
It is less than a mile from my house!
I can get my daily workout over by 7 am.
Every workout is different
The hour includes both cardio and strength training.
It is much more affordable compared to personal training.
You can sign up for classes on their mobile app.
If you are visiting a city that has an Orange Theory, you can sign up for a class.IMG_5629This is what I DO NOT LOVE about Orangetheory:
They do not have childcare (this is why I go before Dave leaves for work).
They have limited space/spots (typically 24 maximum people per hour).
The classes fill up fast!
If you cancel a class in less than 12 hours, you will be charged $10.00 (if you have an unlimited membership). If you have a one or two day a week plan, you just lose the class.
The plans can be pricey (4 classes a month: $59.00, 8 classes a month: $99.00, unlimited: $159.00)

I go to Orange Theory about 20 times a month, so I am basically paying $7.45 a class because I get a $10.00 family discount.dallasblogger-fitness-orangetheory-prestonhollow17So there you have it, my newest obsession. Orange theory’s are popping up all of the country and if you have one near your house, I highly recommend you trying a free class. I read that Houston was the fastest growing market for new Orangetheorys and would not be surprised if more popped up in our area.

My question for you, are you ready to drink the Orange Kool-Aid?

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