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What would you want in a Blessing Bag?

blessing 1

  1. A Target gift card
  2. chap stick
  3. low fat candy
  4. a hair brush
  5. body spray
  6. a bar of deodorant
  7. a People Magazine
  8. ingredients for a fun cocktail    …….OK…enough about what I would want….

Are you looking for a volunteer activity your family can do together (even really small ones)?

  1. Do you feel that you have been so blessed and you need to do more for others?  

2. Are you really busy and want to help others but just can’t seem to find an extra second in the day?

 If you answered YES to either of theses questions, the Blessing Bags Are For YOU!

For years, Brad and I have always said “We need to get the kids involved in helping others.”  We wanted to do a family service project helping others but we never seemed to do it or be able to find an activity that the entire family could do together.

Two years ago, Corrin and I joined a local MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) Group.  We would meet to socialize, have fellowship, and to learn something new or make a craft.  One Monday, we made “Blessing Bags.”

What is a Blessing Bag?


A large ziplock bag that you keep in your car at all times in order to hand it out if you see a person you think it could help.    We put items that maybe homeless people or people down on their luck could use (large ziplock bag, bottle water, wipes, cereal bar, can of soup, crackers, fruit cup, a spoon, and an uplifting note).  The idea was to keep the bag in your car and when you see someone that could use it, you hand it to them.  The kids get VERY excited when they hand it to someone.

(Right now I can imagine the elderly man who sells newspapers on the corner near our house.  Handing him this bag one Sunday would make his day.)

Each mom made two bags to put in their cars.  It was very neat to hear the stories of people “giving out their bags.”

Corrin and I decided that our kids could easily be apart of this project!  This is an easy family service project that all ages can participate in.  We invited our neighbors across the street to come over and participate because their kids (Riley and Bentley) love to serve others and are super sweet!



1-  First we went to SAMS to buy the items in bulk.

2- Next the kids got started on making cards to put in the bags.  They drew happy pictures and put inspirational quotes “Jesus Loves You.”


3- The kids then made an assembly line where they assembled the bags.  (Even smaller kids can participate in stuffing the bags)


4- Each child took a few bags with them to give out.  I gave my in-laws two bags to keep in their car.  I remember my father in law telling us how neat it was to give the bags out.

blessing 2

The bags are very easy to distribute.  We are all driving around town and see people (kids and adults) in need.  

Things we learned:

Don’t put bars of soap in the bags.  The soap overpowers the bag with its smell.

You could put a piece of paper with local information for places where people can get help.

You could put an inspirational Bible verse in the bag.  

Don’t get caught up in the “I think that person on the corner begging for money really doesn’t need it and drives in every day to pretend to be poor.”  That is between them and God.  This year in the Catholic Church, Pope Francis has declared it to be the “Year of Mercy.”  It is not our jobs to judge, only to help.

There are new larger ziplocks that would be neat to put other things in.  We have a Fiesta near us that sells them for super cheap (their store brand).

1450288_10202183136556593_34319485_n (2)

My question for you is this:  What would you want in your blessing bag?

The real question is: Who is ready to help a person in need while involving your children?  If you end up doing this, will you please take pictures and report back?





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