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Jimmy Fallon Writes Thank You Notes, Why You Should Too!

tdy_or_fallon_140204Art of thank you notes…. Dead or alive?

Today’s post was written by our good friend Amy.  12990842_10208733896652014_5046036743416819225_nI was always taught growing up, that you must hand write a thank you note anytime a gift is given to you or someone has gone out of their way to do something nice for you. My mom always had us write our own thank you notes (once we were old enough to do so), for our birthday party gifts and Christmas gifts. I feel as though most of my gen x friends were taught the same. I am starting to notice that not everyone sends thank you notes these days. Not to say we don’t still get them, but I have noticed a decrease compared to years past.

18th-Edition-Cover-WOIt got me wondering if thank you notes were a thing of the past?  Is it a lost art that people aren’t teaching their kids?

It was so engrained in me growing up that I make an effort to send them out and plan to teach my girls to do the same. I like the personal touch and teaching them to show appreciation. I will admit that when I have sent thank you notes for years to the same people and it’s never reciprocated, I do alter my thank you method. In general, we send thank you notes for all gifts received and kind gestures done for our family.

I have engrained it in my husband now and he has helped write notes or reminds me…. Usually after all the Christmas rush. After we had our first daughter, we got a gift from a group of his coworkers and he made sure we got a note out to them to thank them for the sweet gesture. It’s such a habit for us.thank-youTimes have changed with email, texting and various messaging apps, so I decided to check out Emily Post (the etiquette queen) to see what she says about handwritten thank you notes.

According to Emily Post, it is appropriate to always write a thank you note when someone buys you a gift.  This includes presents given for weddings, baby showers, birthdays, holidays, graduations, flowers, etc.

Post recommends trying to write the thank you note shortly after you receive the present (one or two days) and up to three months for a wedding present. thank-you-noteThank you notes are not always necessary for hostess presents or small tokens you pick up for a friend here and there.  For example, if you bring the host a bottle of wine, it is not necessary for the host to write a thank you note. 

What do you think? Handwritten thank you notes…. are they a must do or a thing of the past?

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