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The Top Ten Things Your Wife REALLY Wants

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Do you ever find it hard to figure out what to get your wife for Mother’s Day?….. or her birthday, your anniversary, and other occasions?  We surveyed our friends and asked them what they REALLY wanted.  Share this blog with anyone who you think could benefit from these “tips.”

Me to my husband, Brad: “Guess what most women said that they wanted.”

Brad: “Flowers”

Me: “Ha!  Not one person mentioned flowers!”

The bottom line

The two main themes that came from the survey were

  1. Women care more about the thought and effort than the actual gift.
  2. Women want the husbands to arrange the childcare and all of the details if the gift requires that.


We know that people have different budgets so we compiled a list that includes the following three categories:

  1. Money’s no object
  2. Let’s splurge a little
  3. Thrifty is my middle name

Top Ten Things Your Wife Really wants

Handmade Coupons:


(***** READ CAREFULLY: If you make your wife a coupon, make sure you put a SPECIFIC time and date that it will be used.  NEXT,  make sure you mark this time and date on your calendar so that you actually follow through on the implementation of the coupon.  Too many times women feel too guilty to actually cash in the coupon and it stays in a drawer collecting dust. ) 

The common theme from the survey was that women want a break from their daily routine (cooking, cleaning, watching the kids, laundry, etc).  

Money is really not relevant for this gift.


Coupon 1: On the weekend of April 1, 2016, you will not do any of the following things from Friday at 6:00 PM until Monday at 6:00 AM: Cooking, cleaning, laundry, or anything dealing with the kids.  The kids can be around but I will take care of everything dealing with the kids.  We will do whatever activity that you want to do and eat whatever food you would like to have.  (sidenote: You can modify this to a one day thing)

Coupon 2:  I will organize and implement a date night for us (including childcare) once a month for a year.  Choose a day (ex: the first Wednesday of every month).

Love Notes:


Women want to be reminded why you love them.  Take time to handwrite a note or letter explaining to your wife why she is so important to you and what you love and appreciate about her.  One of my favorite things my husband does every once in awhile is leave a sweet note for me to find in the morning after he has left for work.  

Cost:  Free

Weekend Getaway:


This was one of the top suggestions that women wanted.  They want their husbands to plan a weekend getaway (all of the details….even arranging childcare) for the two of them.  Do not invite other people.  Make the weekend about the two of you.  This is actually my favorite gift from my husband.  For my birthday this year, my husband is taking me on a weekend getaway and we are staying at a Bed and Breakfast.  He has booked our dinner reservations and asked my sister to watch our little one.   (hint:  Don’t ask your wife “What do you want to do?  Just take charge and plan it.  Make it happen without your wife having to do anything.  Let her just show up.)

  1. Money’s no object:  Nappa, New York City, Boston, Cancun, Chicago, San Francisco, New Orleans, Fredericksburg, any Hyatt resorts
  2. Let’s splurge a little:  Book a hotel in your city.  Often you can get great weekend rates on nice hotels on Priceline.com.  Explore fun activities in your city that you normally don’t do.  
  3. Thrifty is my middle name:  Arrange for someone to watch the kids at their house and you and your wife stay at your house. You can still plan fun activities to do during your weekend.  



This was another real popular suggestion.  Make sure you book the date and arrange the childcare so that your wife will actually go and not hang on to the spa gift card.  One person suggested that you also arrange transportation to and from the spa.

  1. Money’s no object:  All day spa experience at an upscale spa in your town.
  2. Let’s splurge a little: A massage plus a facial
  3. Thrifty is my middle name:  Many cities have beauty schools that provide spa services but at a huge discounted rate.  An example is Aveda Institute.  I love going to the Aveda Institute near my house and getting a pedicure, manicure, facial, and massage.  

Cleaning Services:

untitled (2)

  1. Money’s no object: Hire a cleaning lady to come at the same time (once a week, twice a month, or once a month).  Get suggestions from neighbors.  Hire a person to help with the laundry.  
  2. Let’s splurge a little:  Book a cleaning service to come out on a specific day.
  3. Thrifty is my middle name:  Many high school or junior high students are looking for ways to make extra money.  Hire one for a few hours a week to help out with chores around the house that need to be done.  You could also surprise your wife by deep cleaning the house while she is at work or away from the house.  You could secretly take the day off of work to do this.  

Hints:  You could buy your household a Roomba. Check out our blog on it! You will love it!



  1. Money’s no object:  Diamonds or anything from Tiffany
  2. Let’s splurge a little: Kendra Scott jewelry
  3. Thrifty is my middle name:  Go to Charming Charlie and have one of the female employees pick out a few necklaces and earrings that could be worn a lot with many different outfits.  If you don’t have a Charming Charlie in your area, go to the mall and visit one of the ladies stores (Express, Macy’s, etc) and have one of the employees help you pick out a few different necklaces and earrings.

Self Care:


Many wives and mothers put themselves last when it comes to taking care of themselves.  They are always taking care of the family, they forget to take care of themselves.  

  1. Money’s no object: a personal trainer, a personal shopper, make-up lessons, professional organizer, a gift card to Stitch Fix (personal shopping service).  I love stitchfix and if you want to learn more about it, check out the blog one of the stylist wrote for us. 
  2. Let’s splurge a little: A gift card for a manicure and pedicure; gift card for a salon that does fake eyelashes (enough that she can go a few times) ….reminder (book the times and take care of the childcare)
  3. Thrifty is my middle name: A giftcard for a pedicure (see above about time and childcare)


You know your wife.  You know your history together.  Figure out something that has meaning.  My husband and I went to Ireland for our honeymoon.  We visited Waterford where they make crystal.  One year for Christmas, my husband got me a crystal perfume holder from Waterford because he wanted me to be reminded of our honeymoon.  Just put some thought into your history together.  Think about re-creating your first date.  



Many ladies would rather have an experience over an item bought from the store.  There is a great website called Thumbtack.com where you can find people (chefs, musicians, etc) to help make these experiences happen.  I have used them several times for different services.

  1. Money’s no object: Hire a personal chef for the night for a romantic dinner at your house; hire an acoustic guitarist to come and play for a small group of your closest friends; dance lessons; couples massage at your house; acustic guitar lessons; tennis lessons, flight lessons
  2. Let’s splurge a little:  Moonlight Dinner (one of the coolest things I have ever done) ; Beer Bus Tour; Wine Tasting Class; Sushi Making Class; Cooking Class; shooting lessons at a gun range
  3. Thrifty is my middle name:  Home Depot and Lowes have free classes you can take to learn how to do different projects; paint ceramics together; Painting With a Twist; Top Golf; High Fly

Quirky/ Misc.


We had suggestions for things that we thought were cool that we would never have thought of.  Examples:  

A year giftcard to Sonic for their wonderful drinks.

If your wife loves crafts, buy her a Silhouette Machine.  She will love you forever.  If you are feeling even more in love, buy her a heat press to go with the Silhouette Machine.  

LUDI Giftbox:  A service that will create a gift based on what characteristics you give them about the recipient.  Check out the blog I did on it.

A night at a hotel for her by herself.

A night at a hotel for her and three of her friends to have a girls night out.  

My question for you is this:  Who is going to share this with their husband?

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