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How to Throw A Cupcake War Party

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My kids love baking cupcakes and so a few summers ago, we hosted our first Cupcake War Party.

How we did it:

We told our friends to bring over ingredients to make twelve cupcakes.  Judging would be based on taste and theme.  

Our friends and their children showed up and baked the cupcakes at my house.  At around six, their husbands joined us for judging and a bbq after.  

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The next year:

The next year we did it, we invited our friends to come over and bring twelve already made cupcakes.  The judging would be based on theme and taste.

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Our neighborhood:

Our neighborhood hosted a Cupcake War last summer.  Kids needed to show up with twelve baked cupcakes.  Judging would be based on theme and taste.  The judging was divided into different age groups.  It was neat because the winner of a Cupcake War Episode that now owns The Cowgirl Cupcake was one of the judges.

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Hosting a Cupcake War Birthday Party

The neat thing about hosting a Cupcake War is that it is very easy and requires little effort.  If you want to host a Cupcake War Birthday Party, here is a guide.


Invite your guests and inform them that they will be participating in a Cupcake War birthday party.  

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Supplies:  Make sure you have a variety of supplies for the kids to use:  Variety of cake mixes, eggs, vegetable oil, fillings (jello, peanut butter, chocolate chips, etc), cupcake sleeves, frosting, and things to decorate the cupcakes with (sprinkles, Oreos, graham crackers, candies, etc).

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Teams:  Divide the kids into teams of two or three.  You could even make t-shirts ahead of time with a cupcake on it and have each team the same color.

Rules: Tell the teams that they have an hour and a half (or two hours) to make twelve cupcakes.  If you have one oven, make sure you tell the kids that they must get their cupcakes in the oven so all of the teams have time to bake their cupcakes.  (This is where you can change it.  If you have four teams, you may want to give each team a pan of six so that four teams could have their cupcakes all in the oven at the same time).

Tell the kids that the cupcakes will be judged on theme (presentation) and taste.  Encourage them to be adventurous and try to expand on the typical cupcake (ex:fillings)

If you want, you can have a secret ingredient that they have to use (ex: have some different cereals put out).  If you decide to add the secret ingredient, you need to adjust the scorecard so that the use of the secret ingredient is included.

cake 7


Have at least three judges who are not related to the participants judge the Cupcake War.  One of them should be an adult and the other two could be an older child.


Here is an example of a scorecard.  Have contestants take three of their cupcakes to the judge’s table.  They need to fill out an information sheet (here is one) with

1. Their team name (not the kid’s names)

2. The name of their cupcake

3. A brief description of their cupcake

Place these cards next to the cupcakes to make it easier on the judges.


Have the judges score the cupcakes and declare a winner.  You could award the winning team with a cupcake based prize (cookbook, supplies, etc).  The other teams could be awarded a sleeve of cute cupcake liners.

After the judging, have all of the teams taste each other’s cupcakes.  

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to host a cupcake war party?!!!!

Here are some pictures I found from other websites where they hosted cupcake war parties:

cake 9


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