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3 Party Ideas You Wish You Would Have Thought Up First!

party 1Today’s blog was inspired by a wedding Dave and I recently attended.  There were a few special touches that made the wedding extra special.  Dave and I have MANY YEARS before we are planning weddings, but I loves these so much I want to remember them in the future. Here were my favorite 3 wedding ideas from this particular wedding:


#1 Table numbers with pictures of the couple that corresponds to that age. 

I love this idea!  You could also do this for an anniversary party with pictures of the couple throughout their marriage. examples#2 Date Night Suggestions 

The couple had a jar and scraps of pink paper for guests to suggest fun date night ideas.  Between all of your guests, you are bound to have some fun, unique recommendations!IMG_5572#3 Practical Wedding Favors

For this particular wedding the couple gave guests either a wine stopper with their names and wedding date or a silver wine opener with their names and wedding date engraved. 11189NA_EpoxyBS_Wed_L1So, here are a few ideas that could be tailored to different types of events (40th birthday, 50th wedding anniversary, etc). 

My question for you, what is your favorite wedding idea?

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