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Never Go To The Second Location!!! A Police Officer’s Tips To Keeping You And Your Kids Safe

Travel-WarningToday’s blog was inspired by the fact that Christa’s oldest daughter Paige is days away from high school graduation. She will be attending a college that is a decent distance from her home. We have a good friend who is a police officer and we asked him to tell us what he would tell his daughters. These tips can apply to both college and non-college students and others.

If there is only one tip you remember, make sure it is this first one.  It is by far the most important!!!

1. NEVER EVER GO TO A SECOND LOCATION!!! If an abductor holds a gun to your head and says “if you listen to me, I won’t hurt you”, DON’T BELIEVE IT!! They are abducting you so that they can get you away from others. You have a much greater chance of living (even if you are shot) if you scream and try to run away right then. The second you get into the car, you are dead.  This isn’t even the worst part of it.  The things that the abductor will do to you will be far worse.12994575_1185692424786376_6208097276411650312_n2. Go places in groups. At the very lease go with a friend. If you need to make a nighttime run Target, don’t go by yourself. Predators are much more likely to choose one person to accost, rather than a group of girls. Think about the stories we have heard lately (UT student recently, UV student Hannah Grahm). These ladies were walking by themselves when they were abducted and killed.phone3. Get off your phones when leaving a store! Stay alert of your surroundings. Predators are much more likely to take advantage of someone who is distracted on their phone (reading a text, texting, etc).

4. If you are meeting a stranger (on-line date, buying/selling on Craigslist) make sure to meet in a public place. Meet someone to sell your goods in a police station parking lot. Tell your friends who you are meeting for a blind date at Starbucks.

5.  Before leaving a store by yourself at night, ask for a security guard to escort you to your car. If the store doesn’t have a security guard, ask a male manager.home-1-200x3006.  Always pour your own drink at a party or watch the person making your drink. A guy bought Christa a beer, but she did not see it being opened. Our male friend said he would drink it and unfortunately he got very sick from whatever was placed in the drink.

7.  Before going out, make plans for having a buddy system. Do not let anyone leave the group and go home on their own.

8.  Don’t post that your boyfriend or husband is out of town on social media. Also, if you are going to “check in” on social media, wait until you are leaving.gut9.  Trust your “sixth sense” or gut feeling. Don’t get into an elevator with someone who makes you feel uncomfortable. Too many women did not want to be rude and it ended up back firing on them.

10.  Never pull over if a unfamiliar person is trying to convince you something is wrong with your car.

11.  Always have your windows up and doors locked while driving. Numerous carjackings occur when people are stopped at red lights with their windows down and doors unlocked.Beale-AnnRulesTedBundybook-120012.  Never trust a stranger because they are “clean cut”. Predators come in all shapes and sizes.

13.  When having your car serviced, only give them your car key. If given the entire chain, a worker could make a quick copy and then find your address from the service records.

So, there you have it.  Tips for keeping all of us safe.

Our question for you, what would you add to the list?

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