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How To Organize a Fun Restaurant Crawl

the rest crawl 2

We have a very social neighborhood and each month different people take turns planning a social event for the month for the women’s group.  Corrin and I took May and decided to organize a “Restaurant Crawl” for the ladies.  We put a cap of 50 people because it is hard to have a large group and do a quality crawl.  We ended up changing it to 66 after we had several people want to sign up so we did two groups.  


We decided on three restaurants that were within walking distance of each other.  (This is where Uber is wonderful.  Uber to the first restaurant and walk to the other two.  At the end of the night, Uber home).  We are lucky that these restaurants are in our neighborhood so we are walking distance.


Little Summer Dress

The price:


What does this include?

Three restaurants (tax and tip included).  Our system would be simple.  Each lady would pay $65.00 and this would get them entry to the restaurant crawl.  They would not have to bring any money.  Everything was provided in this cost (meal, tax, and tip).

A Goody Bag:  Fun things in the “Little Summer Dress Goody Bag”

Mod Pizza:  First stop for appetizer:  Each lady would get a ticket and could get a beer or wine.  There would be different pizzas on a large table as the “appetizer.”

Jaxtons:  A fine dining restaurant: Each lady would get two wine tickets and a meal (main course and sides).  The meal was a set menu:  Chicken Cordon Bleu “with a twist”

Sam’s Boat:  Dessert:  Each lady would receive a ticket for the signature cocktail drink “The Summer Dress” and a ticket for a piece of turtle cheesecake.


The logistics:  

We had to go to all three places and negotiate a set price (to include food, tax and tip).  We wanted the ladies to hand the places a ticket and not have to worry about paying.  It is a restaurant crawl and had to be easy.  All three places were WONDERFUL and excited about the night.  We gave them copies of the tickets that we would give out.  I paid for the 66 ladies (I of course got reimbursed) and we handed out the tickets.  

The Goody Bags:

Corrin and I wanted to give each lady a fun goody bag when they started the restaurant crawl.  We were lucky to get the goody bag items donated and stayed with “The Little Summer Dress” theme.  They included the following: Bag, name tag (with a funny back cover and fun stickers), beach ball, sun glasses, bag of cheez its, micky of small  alcohol and a soda, and a cute plastic stemless wine glass that said “Beach Hair Don’t Care.”

the rest crawl 1


The Games:

Corrin and I are former teachers and we have a slight “party planner personality” so of course we planned games.  We were SUPER lucky to get the prizes for the games donated.  

(This is me on a chair being my old teacher self:)




Mod Pizza:  We would do a trivia game.  We would have ten general questions trivia and ten questions pertaining to our neighborhood.  Groups would be four to a group.


Jaxtons:  Thirty minutes into the dinner, we announced our game.  The person with the craziest item in their purse would be the winner.  I won’t even talk about this.  I will just leave it as “OMG…crazy.”  The second group (we didn’t post pictures….was way crazier than the first group.)




Sam’s Boat:  We put raffle tickets in each bag.  At Sam’s Boat, we drew a raffle ticket for the winner.  




The Restaurant Crawl went without a hitch….actually there was only one problem.  One of the sweet ladies didn’t get a raffle ticket in her bag.  I put one in at Sam’s Boat but felt terrible that she missed out on an “extra prize.”  



Overall the restaurant crawl was a blast.  The restaurants were wonderful to work with and I think the ladies had a great time.  We were lucky because Jaxtons, the fine dining, opened two days later so we got a “sneak preview.”  

Can anyone organize this?

Yes.  Choose an area that has three places in close proximity.  You want an appetizer, main meal, and dessert place. We did two groups (30 in the first) and (36 in the second round).  This number was great.  We all ended up at Sam’s Boat and had a great night.  

The Cashless System:  Even though the ladies pre-paid, everyone had the opportunity to buy extra drinks or food throughout the craw. 

Finally: This was an event where people new to the neighborhood could meet one another. Corrin and I honestly wouldn’t change anything because everything turned out great!

My question for you is this:  Who is ready to organize a restaurant crawl?












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