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The Skelly Twins Lost 42 Pounds! The Story Of Our Liposuction!

Ok…Do you know how many time we have threatened our husbands that we are going to get liposuction?  Christa was seriously contemplating it until a recent Bunko group member described what it was really like. 
She decided to keep suffering through the old  “slow and steady wins the race” method.
Our Story
  1. We hate to work out.
  2. We like to eat and drink what we want.
  3. We feel like we deserve to be skinny.
After almost three years of blaming Finley and Charlotte for not being at our target weight, we finally decided to do something about it.
Christa’s Motivation picture and board
Corrin’s Motivating picture:
 We decided that we wanted the weight off within one week so we signed up for a Triathlon a week in advance.  We ran to the community pool, swam a few laps, knew we could ride a bike, and called it good.  Fast forward a week when we almost drowned in the lake and were passed up by a couple dozen silver ladies in pink caps who started after us.  We were still feeling amazing for finishing until we got the official race pictures.  Then it got real.  We were not the skinny petite blondes that we envisioned in our minds. 
 To date we have lost a combined 42 pounds (Corrin-25, Christa 17).  We still have more we would like to lose, but feel that even though we might be heavier than previous weights, we look better because we are not “fat skinny”, but “muscular not as skinny”. 
We are by no means experts, but feel that all of this suffering (hello waking up at 5:30 AM 5 days a week) gives us the right to pretend we know how some of it came off. 
The “We Wish We Were Born With Skinny Genes But Weren’t” Skelly Twin Tips To Losing It The Hard Way:
  1. This takes some discipline. We all dream of a fairy coming into our house with a special vacuum to suck all of our problems away.  Unless you can invent this contraption, move on and stop making excuses. 

 I’m so excited that I drank way too much wine last night and have to get up at 5:30 AM to work out in an Orange Gym so that I don’t lose $12.00 because I did not cancel my workout reservation in advance and pretend that I am not dying says nobody ever.  Neither one of us wants to exercise and eat better, but in order to be healthy, something has to give. 


2. Find out why you can’t lose weight: Be your own advocate.

Last summer Corrin could not understand why she paying a personal trainer to wake her up at 5 AM and workout harder than ever by running sprints over bridges and was not as skinny as a Ms. America Pageant contestant.  She saw a competent endocrinologist who solved her blood sugar problem and then was able to start to lose weight, albeit slow. 

3.Stop Yo-Yo dieting:  

Researchers recently found that many of the Biggest Loser contestants permanently messed up their metabolisms because they lost it too fast. We have been guilty of this plenty of times, but we all know how that goes.  Monday we are gung ho, Tuesday we are hungry, and then Wednesday our friends are meeting for a happy hour.  Diets DO NOT WORK.  You must eat better AND exercise.  One or the other will not work.  (Notice I am not telling you that you have to eat lettuce all week.  You can still have a glass of wine or a piece of cake…just not everyday).  Just be smart about your food!  If you socialize with your friends, choose a glass of wine over a margarita.  

lipo 24.Track what you eat:

It is a pain, but it works. Your food is more important than the exercise.  The weeks where we are good about inputting everything we eat into the MyFit Pal app we are more successful. We aren’t going to lie.  There are many days that we burn exactly 750 calories so that when we drink an entire bottle of wine (don’t pretend you haven’t done this) ……we will still be ok because we have only eaten 2 lean cuisines the rest of the day.

5. Have a buddy or a support system:  

Going on this journey with each other and other friends has really made the difference. We started a private Facebook group with several of our friends to pump each other up.  Our cousin Amy has done an amazing job pumping up a group of people stationed around the country. You need someone to guilt you into at least caring that you are on your fourth donut at the PTA meeting

6. Slow and steady wins the race:

We both got frustrated that the weight wasn’t coming off fast enough!!! We averaged about one pound of weight loss per week, but were convinced that it should be more considering we were working out 5-6 times a week and eating so well. We are happy to report that doing it the correct way (slow) has benefited by us not gaining it all back when we have a bad weekend. Who knew the muscle we cursed in the beginning because we gained weight would come to help us out!

7. Have one cheat day a week:

 You will never be successful long term if you don’t have days where you eat and drink what you want. 

8. Cardio/weight:

Don’t stagnate with the same exercise routine, change it up. Christa and I got up to running 5-6 miles a day, but the weight wasn’t budging.  It wasn’t until we started changing it up (adding 1 day a week Reformers Pilates with Heather , spin with Tiffany, weights, Orange Theory (combo of cardio/weights) that we started seeing a change in our bodies. 

9. Change your lifestyle:

Stop making the fast food restaurants one of your weekly go to eateries.  Reduce the amount of processed food and empty calories you are investing.  Spend the extra time to meal prep and cook healthy options such as salmon, chicken, and vegetables.  

10. Invest in yourself:

This is probably our most important tip.  We get that eating healthy, joining gyms, and taking classes is expensive. It cost more both in money and time. Corrin told her husband that she was tired of being fat and wanted to invest in herself.  She postponed replacing their car that has over 200,000 miles so that she could use the extra money to spend on health and wellness. It’s not just an investment in  physical appearance, but mental health.  When we are in shape we  feel better about ourselves and everyone benefits (husbands, children) because we are happier and have more energy. 

In conclusion
So there you have our weight loss story.  Unfortunately we did not lose the 42 pounds by a quick surgery.  Instead we had to work hard and eat and drink less bad stuff.  Notice we said less.  We are human and will continue to be social and have fun.  However, we want everyone to realize that this has not been easy.  It has been one of the hardest things we have done recently and now it is a habit.  If you try all of these things and still are not successful, we suggest liposuction.
lipo 3
Our question for you, who is ready to join us on this not always fun, but worthwhile journey? 

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