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Copenhagen: Land Where The Bicycle Is KING!

13389069_10208814111046811_1307553454_oThe most famous statue in Copenhagen and Dave cut it off

After surviving our airport fiasco, we had a uneventful time making it to our flat in Copenhagen. We met Morton’s sweet mom who let us in the apartment and showed us where things were located. The flat is super nice, has a great center location, and has beautiful scenery.

IMG_6904Yesterday we spent a few hours on a double decker bus trying to get a feel for the area.13397075_10208814113246866_295075955_o

Here are some of our observations thus far:

IMG_6907Bicycles- First, before we arrived we heard that most people ride bikes. We would have to say that THIS IS AN UNDERSTATEMENT! In Copenhagen, the bike is the ruler. What do we mean by this? There is a small road for cars (less than 1/3 of the people own a car), a large bike lane, and a tiny little lane for pedestrians. You have to be constantly aware of your surroundings so that you do not get hit by a bicylist. They are everywhere and the people on them are riding FAST…..They come in all shapes and sizes, the people on them are wearing suits, dresses, shorts, and we have noticed few wear bike helmets.  If you do not watch out for the bikers, you can easily be hit. 


1785397819 o

Today we rented bikes for all of us and Dave drove Liv and Morten’s cargo bike.  The four little  ones had a blast riding in it.  We had so much fun exploring the city on the bikes and being in the middle of the biking experience.



IMG_6929Christa thought she was buying toilet paper, but instead got paper towels.

Simplicity Danes do not waste and they are minimalist because of the space constraints. We can’t imagine being hoarders over here. Impossible. We bribed the kids and made them take out the trash and sort it into the million different bins. It reminded me of Austin. We still haven’t figured out where our wine bottles need to be put.

13410862_10208814111686827_992360206_oMoney– This is something that in itself should not be confusing, but the large denominations can be. One US dollar equals 6.54 Danish Krones.  Don’t even think about misplacing your coins because you could be throwing away $10 or $20!!!.  I used a 50 Krone note to buy a coke zero at the 7-11. I was given 3 or 4 coins (a few had holes in the middle) as change. Seeing an entree on the menu for 145.00 is confusing.

13410352_10208814109606775_2028989414_oSippy Cups- Bring them with you to restaurants. We did not for the first restaurant and Charlotte was served milk in an adult sized glass. She spilled the milk and broke the glass. The second restaurant we made the same mistake and the babies were once again served milk in a fancy glass.

IMG_6923-2IMG_6924IMG_6918Dave holding Isabella’s sweatshirt and the kids’ shoes.

IMG_6921Outdoors- The Danes love being outdoors. They have beautiful parks and spend as much time outside (even in the cold) as possible.  The water side restaurants all had blankets and heaters for outdoor diners to enjoy eating outside when it got chilly. 13405631_10208814109806780_506147951_o

IMG_6932This picture was taken at 10 PM!

Daylight- The sun starts to rise around 3 am and doesn’t set until around 10 pm. Our bodies want to wake up around 4 am, but the problem is that nothing is open until around 8 am. Our coffee loving selves have to wait patiently for a few hours so that the Danes can wake up. Live and Morton have a coffee maker, but it’s fancy and we are too lazy to sort it out. If you are traveling to Europe, I highly recommend bringing a sleep aid for the first few nights when your body wants to stay awake and your mind is telling you to go to sleep. 

Sidenote:  Starbucks does not open until 9 AM!  Can you even imagine that happening in the U.S?


13397060_10208814112086837_1679189829_oChild Leashes- Before we left on our trip, Christa’s sweet in-laws bought Charlotte and Finley cute little backpacks that also have a leash. I know child leashes are like sushi, you either love them or hate them. They have come in handy with our sweet, spunky almost 3 year olds.


Beauty- No matter how awesome you think you look in America, you can’t compare to the Danes. They are just beautiful people- both males and females. Dave commented , “Man, I’m a pretty good looking guy.  Because I am short and bald, I would never have a chance over here”.

13405636_10208814112366844_306291532_oLanguage- Unlike some other European countries, the Danes don’t mind speaking English. They walk around speaking Danish (obviously) but if you ask someone a question in English, they are not put off by answering in English. They seem to actually enjoy the practice.

13389099_10208814111246816_1133587372_oOverall, the people in Copenhagen are very nice and the city is gorgeous.  


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