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Get Your Craft On!

craft 1Let’s Face It…..

We all love to do crafts.  Whether you are a child, teenager, or adult, we all love to create (craft).

Today we had a craft exchange at my house:

What is a craft exchange?

craft 2When a group of people (two or more), get together and exchange crafts for kids or adults to assemble and create.


My friends Jessica and Melissa organized a craft exchange last year.  We would choose a craft that a toddler could make and duplicate it so that each kid would go home with your craft and you would go home with their craft.  You basically go home with lots of crafts that you didn’t have to make or think up.

The exchange went so well, we did it again

Our friend Tracy recently hosted one.  I had so much going on that I completely flaked out and ran to Hobby Lobby the day of and bought premade crafts for everyone.  What I learned from this exchange was that everyone was upping their game!  I felt like a fool with my premade Hobby Lobby craft (sidenote:  The girls said that the kids enjoyed making the visors and Noah’s Ark). 


                    (We up’d our game with our rainbow craft)

My friend Lindsey loved the exchange so much that she decided to organize this one!  She set up a Facebook invite and told us to invite whoever we thought would want to participate.  We ended up having 18 participants!

We decided to meet at my house for a swim and then exchanging the crafts.  We got large grocery bags to put everyone’s craft in.

13566172_10155562197237837_2039461565_nHow was it?

Wonderful.  The crafts are really cute and diverse (although I can’t wait to get my friend back for her homemade slime…..my child LOVED that one:)




Have people put their crafts in a Ziploc bag to keep everything organized.

Have instructions if the craft is not self explanatory.

If you have teenagers, you can organize one of these with their friends!!!

13566165_10155562197167837_197417921_nMy question for you is this:

Who is ready to organize a craft swap?




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