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Diet Snacks That We Are Obsessed With

snackChrista and I LOVE FOOD and are excited to find out about low calorie and low fat snacks. We decided to write a blog about some of our favorites!!!

Arctic-Zero-frozen-dessert-unveils-fresh-new-look-packaging-design_strict_xxl1. Low Calorie Ice Cream:  We found out about these low calorie pints from our friend Kim who is in our healthy living Facebook group.  Both Arctic Zero and Halo Top Ice Cream offers pints as low as 150 calories for the ENTIRE PINT!!! To give you a comparison, a pint of Blue Bell homemade vanilla ice cream contains 640 calories. ice cream


2.  Low calorie salad dressing:  You can find these yummy flavors in the produce section! They are awesome for salads and for dipping veggies.1213728794-11845_full3. 50 Calorie Cheese Sticks are quick and easy to eat!skiny

4. Laughing Cow Cheese Dippers:  These provide crunch and creamy textures.  We like to also snack on the low calorie Laughing Cow Cheeses.sabra-hummus5. Hummustumblr_m9krxf96GN1qdei8m6. Boiled Eggs:  Make several of these in advance and then when you wake up or are hungry during the day, grab one to eat.  At 70 calories, these are great sources of protein.  Here is a blog we wrote about how to cook the perfect boiled egg!detail7. 100 Calorie Almond Packs:  You will pay extra for the convenience, but these are great to keep in your purse.0070470446160_CF_version_type_large8. Yoplait Greek 100 Calorie Whipped Yogurt:  These yogurts will satisfy your sweet tooth.13664352_10153626292516244_1485107507_n9. Advocare Muscle Gain Performance Protein Shake Mix: Mix with light vanilla greek yogurt and it tastes like chocolate pudding! You can find the protein shake mix here.

Our question for you, what low calorie snack do you recommend?

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