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How To Hard Boil The Perfect Egg!

eggI am almost 40 years old and I can honestly say that until recently I did not know how to hard boil an egg.  I have boiled eggs over the years, but some will peel easily and others will have to be thrown away.

The good news is that I have finally figured it out!!!!

Why should you care about this blog?

  • We all like deviled eggs.
  • Eggs are great fillers for breakfast and other meals.
  • Egg salad is so good!
  • Throwing away a boiled egg that won’t peel is aggravating. 

Here are the steps:

Step 1:  Place your eggs in a pot and fill with water.

100_0279-1024x768Step 2:  Place on high heat and wait for the water to boil. 

Step 3:  Watch the eggs and the minute the water starts to boil, turn the heat off and place to the side for 10 minutes.

mint-syrup-ice-cubesStep 4:  While the eggs are cooling for 10 minutes, fill up a bowl with water and ice.

Step 5:  After 10 minutes, drain the water out of the pot.  Then shake the pan so that the eggs crack somewhat.

Step 6:  Pour the eggs into the ice cold water for about 4-5 minutes.

Peel-Eggs-300x211Step 7:  Peel the egg easily.

Step 8:  Enjoy your hard boiled egg that you were able to peel and eat!

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