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We Heart Aldi And Why You Will Too!

aldiA few months ago we did a blog about a German owned grocery store, Aldi, that was being opened in markets all across the United States.  We did not have an Aldi close to our house, but felt like it was worth the drive to save money.

Imagine our delight when we found out an Aldi was being built less than 2 miles from our house!  The store opened on Thursday and we are happy to report that if you live near one, you should definitely check it out!

Here is the link to the blog we wrote about Aldi.

Dave and I checked the new Aldi out and he was very surprised by the prices and quality of products.  We purchased 81 items and spent $90.00.  Some of the products we purchased included a whole seedless watermelon ($2.99), half gallon organic milk ($2.79), 12 pack of generic diet coke ($2.25), real butter ($2.49), and canned corn ($0.44). 


Recently they announced that they are expanding their organic products (trying to compete with Whole Foods), removing artificial ingredients from products, and offering a larger stock of gluten free products.  Aldi contracts its products from major manufacturers so if you don’t care about name brand, you will find a non-name brand product that was probably produced by a named brand company. 

What items are a MUST when shopping at Aldi?




Cheese (large variety, very inexpensive)







Canned Food

Baking Supplies (flour, sugar)

Will I find everything I need from Aldi?

I would say you can find about 90% of your weekly grocery list.  Isabella needed buttermilk for her cupcakes and they did not it.  You should start at Aldi and then hit up a larger grocery store to find the more detailed items. 

How is Aldi able to offer high quality and inexpensive items?

They cut out extra labor for rounding up shopping carts and make customers bring their own bags.  Make sure you bring a quarter to get a shopping cart.  When you are finished with the cart, return it and get your quarter back. 

Who should not shop at Aldi?

People who don’t mind paying extra for the convince of someone bagging your groceries, fetching the carts, and having readily available plastic bags. High maintenance, picky people should not shop at this store. 

Who should shop at Aldi?

People who don’t mind eating non-name brand products.  People who don’t mind shopping at a store that doesn’t have 101 different kinds of cereal.  They are fine with having 10 different cereals to choose from. People who are sophisticated enough to realize that Aldi offers gourmet items for a lower price.  

So there you have it, why we love Aldi.  If you live in Cypress, make sure to use the $5.00 off coupon they sent to all of the residents.  After you check out, they actually hand you another $5.00 off coupon to use during your next visit.  

IMG_8759Our question for you, who is ready to check out Aldi?


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