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The Reasons Why I Will Be Healthy By the End of the Summer

UntitledChrista and I are trying to get our final last pounds off (which are the hardest).  

Here are the things that are going to help us do this:

  1. Facebook Group:  We created a private motivational group (there are 19 of us who live close) to keep us motivated for seven weeks. You can do anything for seven weeks.  We post tips about different things (ex: which ice cream to eat that still tastes good).  At the end of seven weeks, we are going to dinner to celebrate!  One of the members was motivated to get up and start running again!og-signature
  2. Olive Garden Light Dressing:  You can buy it in the grocery store and it tastes great!  It is only 30 calories for 2 tablespoons!51DczbaOdrL
  3. Weight Watchers Scale (or any digital food scale): It is great!  I can weigh anything to get an accurate weight.  I just weighed 4 oz of shrimp (80 calories) to put on my lunch salad.  If you don’t get control of your portions, you will never get ahead of the game.9db473ba620c7299bf73e8a066c39af5
  4. Spark Coconut energy drink: Only 15 calories and gives you energy when you need it!
  5. Working out:  You have to do both to be successful (being better about food and some type of exercise).  If you are not able to go to the gym, schedule time to take a walk.  Christa and I are trying to work out everyday for seven weeks.  You can do anything for seven weeks.
  6. Meal Prep:  If you plan out your meals, you will be less likely to grab that Whataburger (one of our group members has a weakness for Whataburger:)myfitnesspal
  7. MyFitnessPal:  Logging your food and exercise is a game changer. You definitely think twice about grabbing that extra chip.  This by far has been the most important thing (even more than exercise).
  8. Being realistic and planning ahead:  Last night we had a mom’s night out at Sam’s Boat.  Christa planned her meals around it.  She looked at the menu and decided that she would have a steak, salad, vegetables, and two glasses of white wine.  She planned the rest of her meals around this.  She stuck with this plan because it was reasonable and she kept to her calories allotted for the day.
  9. Cutting down on the carbs:  I am not going to get rid of carbs but I can definitely cut down on them.
  10. Just doing it:  Do you know how many times at 5:30 AM I want to skip my workout and go back to bed?  EVERY SINGLE TIME…but I have to stop making excuses and just do it.  

Our question for you, what would YOU add to our list?

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