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Ten Tips to Better Protecting Your Home

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Recently our neighborhood has had some car and home break-ins.  After listening to the tips from officers and reading different tips on the internet, here are ten easy things that we can do to deter criminals from breaking in our homes.  Everything I read stressed that your house would less likely be a target if your house and yard were well lit.


  1. Keep locks on your backyard gate. Burglars are going to choose houses to break in that are easier to access.  They are going to choose the house that has a gate that is not locked more likely than getting a ladder to jump a fence.  I recently bought two pad locks for either sides of my backyard gates.                                                                       Padlock
  2. Light,light, and more light:  Burglars are less likely to break into a house where they think people are there.  A police officer recently told a friend that we need to keep our backyard lights on at all times.  If you don’t want to do this, install motion detected lights.  I bought a few of these at Target for ten dollars each.  Buy timers for different lamps and electronics so that there is impression that someone is home.                                         motion-outside-lights-detector-system                               
  3. Always lock your car doors:  A group of officers spoke to a local group and they were asked by the residents “What can we do?”  They answered “Keep your car doors locked and valuables out of your car.”  That seems very simple but you would not imagine the number of people who forget to always lock their cars.  If you park in your driveway, take your garage door opener out of your car or keep in hidden.
  4. Post signs:  There are a few things that will deter a burglar from braking into your home as opposed to your neighbor, having a dog and alarm are two.  Even if you do not have either, post the signs anyway.  I like posting a sign about guns to let the thief know, if you come into my home uninvited, you may end up dead.                                                                                                                                                                                                       Beware%20of%20Dog%20picElectronic-Alarm-Security-Sign-K-4701home 3home 2
  5. Set up cameras:  Camera security has come a long way in advancement and in price.  Get a camera from your front door that allows you to talk back to the person at your front door.  If you are not home, you can pretend to be home when you tell the person that you are busy.  Most of the cameras today allow you to monitor them from your cell phone and will alert you when there is movement.  You can even buy wireless ones so that you don’t have to pay someone to come and wire your security system.  If you can’t afford real cameras, go to Target and buy dummy ones (that look just like the real ones) for ten dollars.  You can also buy them on Amazon.                                                                                                                                                                                                 outdoor-home-security-camerafake-security-camera-2
  6. Keep your front door clean: If you are out of town, have neighbors pick up newspapers, fliers, or packages left of the front porch.  You do not want burglars to know that you are not home.  
  7. Secure your belongings insideThey sell great gun safes with fingerprint recognition.  They are secured by bolts into your closet (or wherever you want to put it) so thieves can’t easily carry it off.  Put your guns and other important things in this (passports, jewelry, medicine).                                                                                                                                                                                              Verifi%20S6000%20Smart%20Safe%20Fast%20Access%20Biometric%20Safe%20with%20FBI%20Fingerprint%20Sensor
  8. Get a dog:  Dogs have a great sense of what is going on.  My dog can sense when someone is in my front or backyard and goes crazy.
  9. Get a home security system:  There are several cheaper options with home security systems.  We use Smith Thompson and pay around $16.00 a month.  Make sure that you pay the yearly county fee (if there is one) so that if your alarm goes off, the police will come and check your house.
  10. Be vigilant:  Watch out for your house and your neighbor’s house.  Recently in our neighborhood, thieves took a drone and had it hovering over a house’s backyard to check out if anyone was home.  They ended up breaking in the house.  Luckily several of the neighbors had security cameras so they were able to report the license plates and information.  I was very appreciative when my neighbor drilled a roofer on our home while we were away on vacation (we had a roof leak a day before we left).  Our neighbor forced the man to show him his ID and asked him a  lot of questions.  I was VERY appreciative that he did this!

My question for you is this:

Who is ready to beef up their home security?

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