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What Kind of Neighbor are You?

picmonkey_imageWhat kind of neighbor are you?

Do good fences really make good neighbors?

This blog is inspired by the fact that unless you live out in the middle of the country, you probably have neighbors. I think that we can all agree that being on friendly terms with your neighbor is much better than being enemies with them. (SIDENOTE: This blog is a joke and none of these examples are about our current neighbors. WE LOVE OUR NEIGHBORS)

picmonkey_image-2I watched a show on the ID channel called Fear Thy Neighbor. The neighbors were both crazy and one ended up killing two different neighbors (one owner and then the next owner) He finally went to prison. Watching the show made me very thankful for my wonderful neighbors but I laugh because both Corrin and I have lived lots of different places and had LOTS of different neighbors. Most have been wonderful but a few of them have been crazy.

This led to us thinking: What kind of neighbor are you?

The Grouch: This is the neighbor that is always in a bad mood. He is always yelling, especially at the little kids. You wave at him and he just looks at you like you are stupid.  I’ll never forget the grumpy old man in Village Green growing up who would go psycho if we walked in his yard.

The Fighters: These are the people who you hear constantly fighting from your house. You can even hear their conversations on occasions. You may hear the F Bomb being dropped.

picmonkey_image-4The Pet Roamers: These are the people who let their pets roam the neighborhood. They aren’t worried about their pets so why should you? You find their pet in your yard on numerous occasions.

The Social Butterflies: These are your neighbors that love to socialize. They are constantly inviting you over for BBQ’s.

The Moochers: These are the neighbors that are just takers. They will come to your house a million times and never invite you over. They will not bring anything with them when they come over because it is totally your job to provide the food, the drinks, and the entertainment. They will borrow things from you YOU are the one who has to awkwardly ask for the things back.

picmonkey_image-7The Ignorers: These are your neighbors that have lived next to your for ten years and don’t know your first name. The second they come home they pull into their garage and disappear.

The Helpers: These are the people that when in crisis, you can count on them, no matter what time of the night you need them. I know that I can go to my neighbor Carrie’s house at any time of the night and she will do whatever I need. It is such a blessing to have these type of neighbors/friends.

The Tattle Tellers: These are the people who smile to your face but they are the ones who are secretly turning you into the HOA for various things.

picmonkey_image-3The Stalkers: These are the people who keep track of what you are doing 24/7.

The Bakers: These are the people who love to bake and are generous with their yummy goodies!

The Bring the Value of Your House Down Neighbors: If you are unfortunate to live in a neighborhood that doesn’t have strict rules, you may have to deal with this. Corrin lived in a neighborhood in Sharpstown that had no HOA. There was a bright neon pink house down the street.

picmonkey_image-6The Bi-Polar: This is the neighbor where you never know what you are going to get. Some days are wonderful and you think that they are the best people ever. The next day may be a different story and you stress the entire day because you saw them and they didn’t wave back to you and had a growl on their face.

The Free Babysitter: These are the neighbors that let their kids run the roads. You will see their kids on the street at all hours of the day and night and they are constantly coming over to your house. These neighbors know that the neighborhood is safe and that the neighbors will take care of them if need be.

The Shady: This is the neighbor where you have no clue about what is going on. They are definitely hiding something. They have a story but the story just feels weird. These are the people who you expect to end up on the news and then you will say “I knew something was not right.”

picmonkey_image-5The Complainer: This is your neighbor that is never happy. They are always complaining instead of being part of the solution or volunteering.

The Well Rounded Neighbor: If you have this type of neighbor, you have won the lottery. This is your normal neighbor with regular problems. They are usually nice, complain at normal frustrations, and have a low level of drama. You never have to worry about these people killing you and ending up on an ID Channel episode.

So my question for you is this: From the list above, what type of neighbor are you?…..and …….What is your crazy neighbor story?

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