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Where Should We Go Next? Unique U.S. Travel Options

tripThose of you who have the “TRAVEL BUG” get that half of the fun of traveling is planning the trip.  We planned our Europe trip for over two years and had so much fun doing so.  Now that our trip is over, we are quietly (or at least around our husbands) contemplating where we should go next year. 

The one thing all 12 of us agree on is that we travel well together.  If you can travel 3 weeks with 12 family members and little conflict, that is a success.  The two families have been traveling together for years and so it only seems natural that we start planning our next trip. 13435532_10155528591512837_1609418117963942670_nHere are the agreed upon rules for planning the 2017 Wilson/Wilcox family vacation:

  • It must be in the United States!
  • It must be shorter than 3 weeks (preferably 10 days).
  • It has to be budget friendly.
  • All stakeholders (adults who are paying) get to research possibilities and then submit a vacation proposal (place, transportation, costs).
  • Once options are compiled, we will meet over dinner, look at our options, and then decide. usamap_dslHere are some suggestions thus far:
  • Road Trip to Chicago and Michigan (rent a lake house): Christa
  • Road Trip:  Colorado again (Estes Park: YMCA family camp): Brad
  • YMCA Estes Park Camp half the time/resort the other half: Christa
  • Grand Canyon: Dave
  • Chicago: Dave
  • New Orleans/ Cruise to the Keys: Spend a few nights in New Orleans and then take a cruise:  Christa
  • Alaskan Cruise:  Corrin
  • Las Vegas/Grand Canyon/Los Angelas/San Diego:  part camping/ part glamping (hotel): Corrin 
  • Family Camp:  Lake Tahoe family camp/ hotel: Corrin 
  • Boston and Nantucket:  Fly to Boston and rent a house in Nantucket for the week (Christa)
  • Family Camp East Coast (New Hampshire, Maine, New York): Corrin largeThere are a few places that are not on the table for a variety of reasons:
  • Disney World (too hot, too expensive in the summer)
  • Hawaii (too expensive for 12 people)tumblr_nlo4ze1JYk1sq6wkzo1_500We are up for pretty much anything!
  • Trains, planes, automobiles, Rv’s, boats
  • Hotels, camping (not the entire time)
  • Beaches, Mountains, Parks
  • Family friendly
  • Unique21dacc30aac47b94b97ba4db332ab753Our question for YOU, WHERE DO YOU THINK WE SHOULD GO?


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