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Uber Eats

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I recently learned about a new service that is really neat.  Uber has partnered with several restaurants so that you can order meals from your favorite places and have them delivered to you for a delivery fee of $3.99. 

The bad news:

It is only available in certain cities now.  Houston has it for areas within the city but not yet to the suburbs. 

UberEATS is available in parts of: Atlanta, Austin, Brooklyn, Chicago, Columbus, Dallas, Edmonton, Houston, London, Los Angeles, Melbourne, Miami, New Haven, New York, Orange County, Ottawa, Paris, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Diego, San Francisco, San Francisco – East Bay, San Francisco – South Bay, Seattle, Singapore)

My experience:

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday so I decided to try it out because his office is in the city.



I downloaded the Uber Eats App on my iPhone.  It just added the information (credit card, user profile) from my Uber account.


I put in my husband’s work address and began to search for cupcakes (there were tons of restaurants and shops to choose from).

I found a favorite of mine on the list, Crave, and ordered a birthday cupcake, greeting card, and four additional cupcakes. 

Uber Eats told me that they would immeditly start on the order and I could track it (similar to how you can track your pizza when you order it).

The Uber Eats driver called me twenty minutues later asking if I knew what floor my husband’s office was on.  I gave them the suite number but had no idea what floor it was on.  The driver was really nice and said for me not to worry about it, she would figure it out.  (Sidenote: My husband works in a large multistory building.  It has a parking garage attached to it so I know it must have been a pain to park, go into the building and then find correct floor.  Delivering to a house would be much easier!)

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The cupcakes were delivered in about thirty minutes from the time I ordered them.  Uber Eats sent me my receipt (The Cupcake order plus a .41 cent tax and 3.99 delivery fee).

Do you tip?


Would I use Uber Eats again?

Yes!  It was very convenient and very easy to use!  I think that it could be dangerous on your wallet for someone living in the city because of how easy it is to use. 

If you try it out, use this code and we both get $10 off!!!!!  code: eats-christaw66

My question for you: Who is ready to try it?


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