IMG_9895-2One of my FAVORITE dishes is lox and bagel.  I can eat it for breakfast, lunch, or dinner.  A couple of days ago I was at a local restaurant having brunch and ordered a salmon crostini plate.  It was so pretty and so good!!!ee4e094d-9f33-491c-909f-337430a3b886-large16x9_PHOTO-2Fast forward a few days when I was going to a lunchtime playdate.  I decided I wanted to try and make the salmon crostini and because I did not want to spend a fortune, I was going to try and find the ingredients at Aldi!PicMonkey ImageImagine my surprise when not only did I find my ingredients (at a discounted price), I found the PERFECT salmon.  You want to use a lighter salmon versus a real salty salmon. I bought the baguette, chive cream cheese, and salmon at Aldi.  The dill weed came from my spice cabinet. 


Cold Smoked Salmon = $3.49 (x2) = $6.98

French Baguette = $1.49

Chive Cream Cheese = $1.49

Total = $9.96

PicMonkey Image-2Directions:  Preheat oven to 400 degrees.  Slice your baguette bread (I recommend a thicker baguette, versus the slim ones).  Brush each side lightly with olive oil.  Cook each side for about 4 minutes.  Next, spread the chive cream cheese on the top.  Finally, place small piece of smoked salmon on top and lightly sprinkle dill weed.   

IMG_9893-2This makes the perfect dish to eat at home or bring to a gathering because it is so easy and tastes very sophisticated.  Everyone at the playdate couldn’t get over how good the salmon crostini tasted.  I couldn’t get over how inexpensive and easy the recipe was!

If I were having a sit down breakfast, I would take three of these and place them on a small white plate.  That is how my brunch crostini was presented and it looked very gourmet. SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAMy question for you, have you ever made these before?

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