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Wine Snobs…You Need To Check This Out…Your Bank Account Will Thank You!

trader-2Corrin and I (and our husbands) really enjoy wine.

We are not wine snobs, though.


We are too cheap.

The four of us all agree that we really can’t taste the difference between a nice bottle of wine ($20.00) or a $100 dollar bottle of wine.  (Wine snobs are gasping…$20.00 of nice wine?”)

We have a lot of friends who are really into wine….really nice wine. 

We are just not those people. 

My husband and I argue over how much we spend on wine.  I like to spend around $10.00 and he wants to stay around $5.00 or $6.00. 

Fast forward to this summer

I loved the wine we had in Italy and it was SOOOOOO cheap.  I paid around $5.00 a bottle and it was sooooo good.  Even Denmark had cheap wine that was really good!

Fast forward to this week

I was talking to someone who was talking about Trader Joes and their Organic Wine.  I always like going to Trader Joes but the closest one is about thirty minutes away.

My son

My son left his band shoes and band water jug at his dad’s house this weekend.  He HAS to have the water jug for the after school practices and will lose points for not having it.  Corrin agreed to run a cooler up to the school for Will so he wouldn’t lose points.  She dropped off a semi big one that had a water spout (Think lemonade stand cooler). 

Will called me and said “I can’t drink from this.” 

Me “Will, figure it out.  If you were in the desert and dying, you would get water from that cooler.” 

Will “I don’t know how to get water.”

Me” Put your mouth to the spout and press the button.  Be thankful you have a cooler…”

Back to Trader Joes

My ex husband called me and asked me if I could meet him to get the band shoes and cooler that Will had to have for the game on Thursday.

Me” Ughhh…I just met you at 6:30 AM on Monday (25 min drive there…..and am meeting you on Friday……and it is Wednesday…..ughhhhh…Of course I will….lol….)”

I had Charlotte in the car and called my ex.  “Let’s meet at Trader Joes since it is right there.”



Trader Joes

I love Trader Joes.  The family also owns Aldi, another of my favorites.  I went into Trader Joes and bought a Halloween Gingerbread house for the kids to put together and a few sides in the freezer section. 

I then got to the wine.


I noticed several Italian wines for $4.99 and $5.99.  I thought “I wonder if these are like the ones we had in Italy.”

I found the wine guy and asked him to help me.

He was SOOOO excited. 

Me “Are these $4.99 Italian wines any good?

Him “Yes! Trader Joes is able to have expensive wineries bottle other stuff under a different name for a cheaper price.  There are several bottles in this price range that are great.”

Me “Perfect, can you help me choose several to try?”

Fast forward

I bought eleven bottles for us and eleven bottles for Corrin.  They were all $4.99 and $5.99 except one splurge for $9.99.

My expectations were pretty low.

The outcome

Wow!  All of the ones we have tried have been really good!!!!! We have been REALLY surprised on how much we like them!  I want to host a blind tasting party for Trader Joe Wines!!!!!!  If you are a wine snob, you will be VERY surprised how good these taste!!!!! I read an article on how Trader Joes can be so cheap.  Check out the article!  Here are a few of our favorites so far!







My question for you:  Who is ready to go to Trader Joes?


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