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Save A Lot Of Money….Yet Still Eat Like A King!


This blog is going to be very short and to the point.  Corrin and I are trying to figure out how to maximize our money with as little effort at possible.  One of our highest expenses is our grocery bill.  We spend WAY too much at the grocery store.

We did a blog about extreme couponing and I am happy to report that we are still being successful.  Today I spent $160.00 at Kroger but only ended up paying $80 because of my coupons and smarter shopping.  

Here is a quick guide to saving lots of money.

Weekly or Monthly Grocery Shopping:

  1. Stop 1:  Trader Joe’s

778-davie-storeWhat to buy:  

  1. Wine: Trader Joes has great wine for super cheap prices. You can buy five and six dollar bottles that are great!  We did a blog on it.
  2. Sides:  We have a hard time coming up with sides for our nightly meals.  I can come up with a meat and a vegetable….but the sides are hard.  Trader Joe’s has GREAT sides.  They are not crazy cheap like the wine but are fairly inexpensive.  The bonus is that they taste gourmet.  You can pay $3.00 or $4.00 for a side and but the splurge will really add to your meal.


  1. Stop 2: Aldi

aldi_corporate_homepage_carousel_708x228_desktop_0_b314a925e7(Aldi and Trader Joe’s are owned by the same company.  Aldi is significantly cheaper.  Trader Joe’s has lots of organic items that are pricy).

What to buy:

  1. Snacks:  Crackers, cookies, fruit snacks, etc:  Think about your kids coming home from school complaining that they are starving.  They raid your pantry and clean you out.  Aldi has all of the traditional snacks for a quarter of the price of your traditional grocery stores.
  2. Coffee K-Cups:  Coffee K-Cups for your Keurig are expensive.  We love our Keurig because we like making one cup at a time instead of an entire pot that will get wasted.  On the weekends we will pull out our coffee pot to save money.  You can coupon for K cups and pay the same price that Aldi has them everyday. To me it is not worth the couponing.  I just stock up on K-cups at Aldi.
  3. Produce:  You can’t beat the price and quality of their produce.
  4. Eggs/Milk: Crazy cheap…You can even get organic.
  5. Cheese:  If you are throwing a party, go to Aldi to get cheese for your cheese plates.
  6. Cereal:  You can coupon for popular brand cereals (ex: Lucky Charms, Fruit Loops, Cheerios) and save money.  However, you can always buy the Aldi version of these cereals for around $1.25 a box.  My family thinks that they taste JUST as good as the named brand ones.
  7. Extra items:  Aldi has great things in their Home Goods section.  You can always find great deals on items for your home.


aldi-2Don’t buy from Aldi

  1. Bread: I have been very disappointed with Aldi’s bread on several occasions                                Stop 3: Your Grocery Store:  Kroger

kroger-supermarketFor the rest of your shopping, check our your local grocery store.  I am mentioning Kroger because this is the store that I do my grocery shopping because of the deals that I can do.  

Today I saved 50 percent off of my groceries (I only bought items I would use) because I bought things that were on sale and many had Kroger coupons that could be added on.  

Ex: I bought a Scott pack of 32 rolls of toilet paper for $4.00 a pack.  I paid .99 cents for a box of Quaker Oatmeal packets.  

In conclusion

Corrin went to Aldi and Kroger and spent a total of $75.00 for her weekly groceries.  She knows that Aldi is good for some stuff (you can save a ton there) and that she can finish up at Kroger.  Aldi doesn’t have everything you will need so you will have to shop at another store.

Is is worth it?

Yes!  A fifty percent savings is worth it!

Two questions for you:   Who is ready to start shopping smarter for groceries?  Will you give us some of your cost saving tips?


The girls and their Paw Paw, excited about saving money on groceries (and being retired!)


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