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Top 10 Reasons Why Fredericksburg Is Better Than Napa!!!

fredIf I told you that southerners no longer have to fly across the country for a true wine experience, would you believe me? This statement would not have been true 10, 5, or even 3 years ago. Imagine our surprise to find out that  Fredericksburg, Texas has evolved to be the wine mecca of the South.

For years Christa and I have gone on weekend getaways to Fredericksburg (in the Texas hill country) with our family and friends. We used to go for the cute downtown, German food, and hills; now we go for the wine!

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Top 10 Reasons The Skelly Twins Think Fredericksburg Is Better Than Napa

1.Wineries:  Did you know that Fredericksburg has 45 wineries? They vary in size ranging from your large vineyards (Becker Vineyard) to your more boutique experiences (Rancho Ponte Vineyard). They also have a surplus of tasting rooms both indoors and outdoors. 

cab2.  Transportation: Getting around Fredericksburg and the wineries is easy.  Although Fredericksburg does not have Uber, they have Big Country Cabs (a shuttle bus that will take you to Fredericksburg locations for $5.00 a person).  We used this company when we did not want to walk a mile to dinner. 

      *For large groups, it is very reasonable to rent an all day bus to take you to the different wineries (we used Texas Hill Country Charter and Limo and paid around $30.00 a person). 

     **For smaller groups, we recommend you use 290 Wine Shuttle.  For $24.99 you get on a bus in downtown Fredericksburg and have the option of hopping on and off the shuttle (they have several) all day long.  There are 14 wineries you can choose from.  We have used this service a few times and have had a great experience. 

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3.  Scenery:  The hill country is gorgeous.  Many of the wineries have built great outdoor spaces so that visitors can enjoy the wine and scenery at the same time. 

4.  Budget:  Fredericksburg is much less expensive compared to Napa.  We are both $10.00 wine girls (or cheaper).  When you are in Napa, you get used to the expensive wine and start thinking $40 is inexpensive!  The pricing in Fredericksburg is much more reasonable and the wine is good! The lodging is much less compared to Napa. 

house5.  Lodging: There are lots of houses you can rent on vrbo.  When we went to Napa, we had a much harder time finding a house to fit all of eight of us.  Christa found 3 of the coolest houses for our group to rent that were all on the same property off of Main Street. You can check them out here!

14731252_10101933403311189_6587432401301344274_n6. Location:  Fredericksburg is a cute hill country town that is easily accessible. It only takes about 3 1/2  hours to get there from Houston.  Once there,  all of the vineyards and Main Street are located pretty close to each other.  

7. Non-pretentious:  When you are hopping from one winery to another, both the staff and patrons are laid back and aren’t snobby.  You get a feel of being treated with Southern hospitality. 

14656383_344204399260089_2266566991080439191_n8. Weather:  The weather in the fall and spring can be similar to Napa. (The summer is another story!)

9. German influence:  Fredericksburg has lots of German influence.  They have several German shops and restaurants.  We always like going to the Auslander for the food and music. Fredericksburg hosts Oktoberfest in early October. 

10.  Family Friendly:  Non-wine drinkers will enjoy Fredericksburg as much as those drinking wine.  Fredericksburg has family friendly places nearby (Luckenbach, Enchanted Rock, National Museum of the Pacific War, and the Pioneer Museum

If you haven’t been to Fredericksburg in a few years, you should go back and see how much it has changed.  Those of you who have never been, it is definitely worth the drive!

*We don’t recommend Torre de Petra

sunsetOther recommendations include:  Crossroads Saloon and Steakhouse (live music), Sunset Grill (for brunch), Fredericksburg Brewing Company (for a beer), Old German Bakery and Restaurant (for pastries). 

enchantedOur question for you, for those who have visited Fredericksburg, what is your favorite winery?

P.S.  If you decide you want to do both Fredericksburg and Napa, here is a blog on our Napa trip!

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