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3 Things I’m Currently Obsessed With!

favoriteY’all, I’m obsessed with these three things!!!!turkey-on-the-table#1. Turkey On The Table:  I went to my friend Amy’s house the other day and saw the cutest holiday decoration!  She bought this turkey at Hallmark that has a neat story.  Basically your kids write something they are thankful for everyday in November on one of the laminated turkey feathers.  It comes with a dry erase marker so that you can reuse it every year!  It is a bit pricy ($39.00), but if you consider that you will use it for many years, it is not too bad.  It is basically the “elf on the shelf” for Thanksgiving.  Another cool thing about this turkey is that a portion of the proceeds go to feeding the poor.  slideshow_5slideshow_3mascara

#2.  Better Than Sex Mascara:  I’m a drug store make-up girl, but will spend a few extra dollars for a really good product.  My friend who is a make-up artist said her number one go to mascara is Chanel.  I splurged on it and it actually lasted almost a year!  Once I ran out, I stopped at my local JC Penny’s Sephora to try and buy it.  They don’t sell Chanel, but the lady helping me suggested I try the Better Than Sex Mascara.  Let me say, I LOVE IT!!!! It gives me so much volume (almost as much as fake lashes!). 51117b9vzxl-_sx940_#3.  The Man In The High Castle:  This Amazon original (apparently they are competing with Netflix) is a series based on a book by Philip K. Dick (the guy who wrote Blade Runner).  The premise is that the Axis Powers defeated the Allies in WWII and Japan and Germany divided the U.S. between the two.  Christa (and other friends) told us about this dramatic series, and I can’t tell you how good it is.  Everyone who has Amazon Prime has access to the series.  Dave has an Amazon Prime app that he mirrors so that it will play on our t.v. 

So there you have it, a few things I highly recommend.  My question for you, do any of you like these products as well? Also, what are current things you are obsessed with? We love our friends sharing their favorite things!!!

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