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Breaking Bad Meets The Skelly Twins: Our RV Transformation


Life is too short not to have fun right?

Our life is like a big adventure.  Corrin and I are always coming up with new ideas and our husbands just shake their heads.

Girls to guys:  Let’s take mom’s RV, fix it up, and park it on our land while we get the barndo built.  We could even take it to Colorado this summer if we wanted to.


Guys: How much is this going to cost us?

Girls: Just the cost of paint and a few decorations.

My dad agreed to get the RV ready for us to take it back to Houston with us over the Thanksgiving break.  Brad drew the short stick so he would be the driver.  Corrin and I would be in charge of updating the 1997 interior.

We decided to paint everything in the interior white.  A friend from high school just painted her kitchen cabinets white.  We were inspired because they looked great.  She told me that we would need to do three coats of paint and that we could do it.

The transformation

Two days and four coats of paint later, the RV has been updated.  We were going to replace the floor but in two days, we decided to just buy some rugs and call it good.


The paint job is not perfect.  Brad walked into the RV and I said “Do not say one word about the paint job.” It looks ok.  We would have been much more careful had this been our houses.  For any of you that have outdated kitchen cabinets, you can paint them!  Just do it!!!!

We bought a couch cover at Target for the couch that transforms into a bed.  For the kitchen table seats that transfer into a bed, we painted them with a paint that is suitable for material. 




We wanted cute bedding for the bedroom and found a set at Bed Bath and Beyond that we really liked.  We were lucky to find it on clearance because it was the display model. 

We found cute bath towels and rugs at Target. 













We posted our adventure on Facebook and loved the responses that we got.  Many mentioned Breaking Bad when they saw the size of the RV.  The inside felt like the era of Breaking Bad so we decided that it needed to be painted all white to make it feel larger and to update it.  It was a lot of work but definitely worth it.  Even though the RV is older, it still has lots of modern luxuries (hot shower, toilet, stove, microwave, etc). 


My question for you is this: What crazy project did you finish and think “I did it?”

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