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Your Christmas Decorating Just Got A Little More Glamorous: How To Make Holiday Decor Using Dollar Store Finds!

img_1775Everyone that knows us knows that Christa and I LOVE dollar stores and projects.  Growing up we used to roll our eyes when our mom would take us to a dollar store and she would leave with 100 items.  How funny that 30 plus years later we are now doing the same thing!

cityToday’s blog was inspired by a new dollar store we discovered.  Our go to dollar stores have always been Dollar Tree, 99 Cent Store, 5 Below, and King Dollar.  We are not huge fans of the Dollar General.  Years ago when Dave was in business school, he had a semester long group project that analyzed the 99 Cent Store Model.  Their report stated that because of inflation, the 99 Cent Model could not last forever and suggested ways to stay in business years to come.  

dollarA few weeks ago we stumbled upon a new dollar store called Dollar City that is located at Queenston and 529 (we later found out that the owners were our neighbors in Towne Lake).  We immediately decided that WE LOVED IT because it had a TON of great stuff, and because a large portion of the store was $1.09 or $1.29 (but they also had items that were more than $1.00!)  We think this is the perfect model because we are still getting a great price and are offered a wide variety of items.  

girlsWe wanted to see if we could find a cute DIY Christmas project using dollar store items. Imagine our delight when we walked into Dollar City and saw they have a HUGE holiday selection.  I spotted several items that I know in fact are sold at Hobby Lobby at much higher prices. 

girls1My girls and I had a blast making these trees.  My sweet neighbor Raquel came over and joined in the fun!

DIY Dollar Store Inspired Christmas Trees img_1772

I love these trees because they are all so easy, inexpensive, would make a great gift, and would also make a fun craft to do with your girlfriends.  Note: All products were purchased at Dollar City or Hobby Lobbyimg_1718isa

img_1754Garland Tree

Supplies: 1 strand of garland ($1.09), 1 tree (Hobby Lobby $3.00)

Total Cost:  $4.09

Directions:  This one is the easiest one to make! All you do it hot glue the strand at the bottom, and then wrap it around to the top and hot glue.  I love this tree because there are a million cute garlands that you can choose from!

img_1760Pine Cone Tree

Supplies:  Tree ($1.09), Small Pine Cones (5 packs x $1.09)

Total Cost:  $6.54

Directions:  Remove the little ribbons (if they are on there) and glue to the tree.

img_1758Plastic Spoon Tree

Supplies:  Satin Nickel Spray Paint (Hobby Lobby $3.60), Tree ($1.09), Plastic spoons ($1.09)

Total Cost:  $5.78

Directions:  Spray paint the tree.  Cut off the handle of the spoon.  Spray paint both sides and then hot glue onto tree.

img_1761Silver and Gold Tree

Supplies:  Tree ($1.09), Small decorative balls (6 packs x $1.09)

Total Cost:  $7.63

Directions:  Use your nickel spray paint and spray the tree (if you are using a different color theme, you want to paint the base of your tree the same shade).  Take off the little hooks and then hot glue to the tree. 

img_1757Metal Bell Tree

Supplies:  Tree ($1.09), 2 packs of metal bells (Hobby Lobby 2 x $3.50)

Total Cost:  $8.09

Directions:  Hot glue the bells onto the tree. 

So there you have it, an easy, fun craft that will make your house look more glamourous. There are so many different combinations you can have a blast creating and personalizing your look. I like this project because I will have the decorations for years to come and because I can spend as little or as much on the project. 

img_1789My question for you:  What should be our next dollar store project?

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