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Experiences Over Stuff


Our family prefers experiences over stuff.  Making memories together is what is important to us.  We really don’t care about cars, shoes, and “toys.”  

Every year I go to a holiday market in Houston called the Nutcracker Market.  It is insanely big and there are a million booths selling things.  I always enjoy going but this year I wasn’t really interested in buying a bunch of stuff.  I would look for things for the kid’s Christmas but the fun of just walking around was good enough for me.



Corrin and I stopped at a booth that had a wooden tree with felt ornaments on it.  The ornaments were beautiful.  The owner of the booth  (Family Treeditions)told us a story of how she started selling the ornaments and trees.


After talking with her kids one day, she realized that the things they remembered most were family experiences, instead of a bunch of stuff.  She decided that they needed to make more memories.  

Fast forward to the tree…

There are craftspeople in Kyrgzstan that make Jesse Tree ornaments and actual wooden trees.  Everything is handmade.  


There are 25 ornaments and each of them help tell the story of Creation from the beginning of the world up until the birth of Christ.  Some of the ornaments include:  An earth, ark, whale, Angel, and lion.

The ornaments come with a devotional book.  Starting on December 1st, you read a daily devotional that goes over an event (that has an ornament related to it) that relates to the time from Creation until the Birth of Christ.



I LOVE that starting on December 1st, my family can spend some time together going over this new tradition.  I can pull the tree out every Christmas and we can go through the devotional.  I would much rather “buy” this for my kids than another electronic.


I was so excited about my tree and ornament purchase.  I cannot wait to start this tradition with my kids.  The most important thing for my family is our relationship with Christ, even though we sometimes forget this.  I am tired of getting wrapped up in the materialism of Christmas and I want my family to put the focus of Christmas on Christ.




My question for you is this:  What family experience/ tradition do you have that you treasure?

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