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Drills, Drama, and Baby Jesus

I love to collect Nativity scenes.  I started this tradition after I went to our friend JoAnn’s house and saw her many Nativities that she has collected over the years.  Each are unique and I am sure has their own story.  I love that they are reminders of the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ.  I just love them.  Eventually I would like to replace our cheesy plastic Nativity in the front yard with  a nice one.  I was going to get a blow up Nativity for the front yard and Brad said “Absolutely no!”….so we settled for the plastic one.  

I love that each of my Nativities has their own story.

 I bought a metal one at a garage sale when I was visiting my brother- in- law, Tom.  It came in a small metal case and Charlotte has played with it a million times.  We did, though, accidently lose baby Jesus from this set.

Another one came from Brookwood, a community that helps disabled adults.  

One Nativity came from the Dollar Tree.  It is actually one of my favorite ones.

One of my Nativities I purchased from my neighbor down the street.  Charlotte actually dropped Joseph and his head came off.  I super glued his head on today and he is back in business.

I found a “sweater” Nativity at Hobby Lobby.  It is so cute.  Even baby Jesus is in a sweater.

My favorite Nativity, though, has to be the one we bought this summer at the Vatican.  Every year when I take out the Nativities, I will think about the different stories and how I came to obtain each one.  

No Clue Nativity:


I saw a Nativity on Pinterest that I fell in love with.  It was so simple.  Certainly I could make it!  

Here is the link where you can find the project.

Fast Forward

Brad and I found the wood and cut the pieces.  The kids got together and painted the bodies.  It was so fun!  I decided to take wire and drill a hole in the head and in the body.  I would take the wire and attach it to the head and body and put some hot glue to ensure that it stayed put.  Everything was going great.  

(Notice that Brad and I are wearing matching shirts!  Lol…I was at Corrin’s house in mine and he went home from work, changed, and showed up in the same shirt.  Ha! )


I decided that baby Jesus needed to be drilled too.  Baby Jesus is so small that as soon as I started drilling, the drill bit went into my finger.  I started screaming in pain and begged for a band aid.  Blood was pouring out of my finger.  Corrin searched her entire house and couldn’t find a bandaid.  She ended up finding me tape and we taped it close.  Brad could not stop telling Corrin how bad it was to not have bandaids.

Brad and I went home and I continued to work on the Nativities.  At one point, I accidently took my scissors and cut my skin.  I started screaming again in pain.  Brad ran to the bathroom to get a bandaid…

Yep…you guessed it…

And we were out too.

Losers…we are both losers….I stocked up today at the dollar store.

All night long my finger was in horrible pain. I couldn’t move it.  I woke up in the morning and knew that it was infected.  Thank goodness I have had my Tetnus shot recently. I woke up really worried because I didn’t want it to get so infected that I would have to get it chopped off just like my dad who is missing part of a finger….my husband kept calling me “worst case Christa” and told me to chill out, I would not lose my finger.  My friend who is a doctor saw it and said that it was infected and I probably needed antibiotics.  I started the antibiotics and they are working.  My finger is a little better.  I have also ditched the drill for the project and am just hot gluing the heads to the bodies.  

Can I make one?

Yes!  These are easy.  


Go to Hobby Lobby and buy

  1. Wooden square dowel: Go to the wooden section.  You will find the circular and square dowels.  Buy the square ones (they are colored orange on top).
  2. A flat long skinny piece for baby Jesus.  
  3. The wooden heads:  large, medium, and small (note: the heads NEVER go on sale..it’s not in their rotation)
  4. Navy Blue and Green paint
  5. Wire
  6. Gold heat transfer paper for the stars
  7. Hot glue
  8. Twine
  9. Blue cardstock


  1. Print the labels
  2. Cut the wood with a saw
  3. Paint bodies
  4. Hot glue heads to bodies
  5. Hot glue green body against the blue body
  6. Hot glue baby Jesus to the bodies
  7. Take the twin and wrapt it around the bodies and baby Jesus.  Add the cardstock saying.
  8. Cut a star out of the gold heat transfer paper.  Hot glue wire to it and glue it to the back of Mary and Joseph.  In conclusion

The Nativity scenes that I made are made with love.  I hope that the recipients of them love them as much as I do and put them out every year at Christmas time.

My question for you is this:  What do you collect that is meaningful to you and why?

(Side note: I met a woman today who has everything she needs.  She told me “You know what my husband asked me to get him for Christmas?  He asked me to volunteer eight hours to the local charity organization in our community.”  I LOVE LOVE LOVE this.)


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