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Feeling All Sentimental In This Age of Coo Coo Birds

I think I must being going through some kind of materialistic funk.  I was excited about this Christmas but the materialism of it has taken a toll on me.  

(I have to also stop watching the news about all of these crazy people in the world.)

We spend a certain amount of money on each child for Christmas.  I found myself going to the store and just buying stuff to hit the quota. Can you imagine that yucky feeling you would have randomly walking through Walmart looking at all of the junk?  I then felt even worse when I purchased all of those deals from Aldi (yikes!).  

My kids don’t need anything and actually didn’t really ask for anything except cash.

Me: “We are not just giving you cash for Christmas.”

Kids: “Why not?”  That is what we want (Side note: They are four teenagers).  

Charlotte: “I just want a Flipazoo that I saw on TV.”


I’m not going to sit here and pretend that we aren’t materialistic people. We are….our kids are….we don’t want to be those people….but it slowly happens…..but then we try to pull back…

I think this is why Brad and I are far more experience based people than buying “things.”  

I get aggravated at myself that Christmas is wrapped more around the materialism than the true meaning, celebrating the birth of Christ.  

This year was going to be different

William, Corrin, and I made Nativity scenes to give to our kids and family.  We made the kids volunteer for the first two days of their vacation.  Guess what?  THEY.LOVED.IT .  Wow…what an experience they had.  I made an Advent wreath for the first time and we lit it.  

I made sure that each of the five kids would get a Nativity that Will and I (and Corrin) made.  

I then began to worry.

The kids are going to lose the Nativities and forget about them by next year.

This made me sad, so I decided to fix it!


I would make each child a “Christmas Box” of their own.  Every year I will add something special to the mix (like the Nativity) so that when they move out on their own, they will have a special box of things that the can reminisce about.  

I gave them to the kids early because they are too big to transport with the rest of the presents.  I wanted to cry when all of the kids were especially thankful for this gift.  They loved it.  I think in their mind (besides Charlotte) they could imagine having their own houses and putting out these special Christmas decorations.

So there you have it.

My SUPER LONG (sorry) story of trying to get back to the basics.  I love this concept of creating a box of memories for your loved ones.  It is not too late to also start this tradition.  Go to the store and buy a plastic container.  Put your loved one’s name on it …It doesn’t have to be fancy.  You can use paint markers.  Present it to your loved one with ONE special item and promise that every year you will be adding to this box. Husbands or wives looking for a “unique gift?”  Do this!


My question for you is this:  Who is ready to spend more time on what truly matters rather than stuff?

Please comment and tell us fun traditions you have started!

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    Alyssa Wilson
    December 22, 2016 at 1:38 pm

    I love love love this idea!!! I swear we are cut from the same cloth!!

  • Reply
    December 23, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    Love your story!

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