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Hello, We Are The Skelly Twins And Have An Addiction to Aldi’s Non-Food Merchandise: Why You Will Too After Reading This Blog!

Everyone that reads our blog on a regular basis (and all of our friends that we hang out with) know our obsession with Aldi.  We can’t get over the fact that they sell eggs for 59 cents, organic milk for $2.00, avocados for 39 cents, whole spaghetti squashes for 79 cents, and a million more wonderful items for low prices. One of our friends (Amy K.) was telling us how much she liked their non-food items.  We had seen some of the items, but never really paid close attention….THAT WAS UNTIL WE DID PAY ATTENTION!!!!We noticed that they had some really NICE stuff for cheap!!! The items reminded us of the items Costco sells, but at a fraction of the price.  A couple of weeks ago we decided that we were going to do a large portion of our Christmas shopping at Aldi.  One of our first purchases was a super nice stainless steel triple crock pot set. We knew our mom would love it (and it was only $29.99!).  Of course we both picked up one for ourselves because we are always entertaining. 

How can Aldi be so much cheaper than other stores (and still offer high quality products)?

  • Private label: 90% of Aldi’s products are manufactured by a private label (thus cutting out the middleman). 
  • They offer less items and are able to utilize the economies of scale principle.
  • Efficiency:  They keep items in boxes so that employees don’t have to spend hours stocking shelves. They also manufacture products with large bar codes so that the cashiers can scan fast!
  • No frills:  Customers use a quarter to borrow a cart and then are returned the quarter when they bring the cart back.  This eliminates the need to pay extra labor.  They also charge for bags if you do not bring your own. You will never see a ton of employees working at the same time.  Do the Skelly twins have a strategy?

          Yes!  Aldi publishes their weekly ad in advance.  You are able to plan for Aldi finds!  For example, we saw that on December 14th, Aldi was going to have really nice cheese cutter sets for $2.99, Slate cheese platters for $3.99, and Slate serving sets for $4.99.  This is a steal!  We made sure to go when they opened before the items were sold out.Do you have tips when shopping at Aldi?

Yes!  Make sure to bring your own bags and a quarter!  When you are looking at the non-food aisle, go slow and really read the descriptions.  They pack a ton of items in a small space, so you might miss something.What are some deals you have picked up recently?

We both bought a cute holiday tree, cordless vacuum, and Frozen and Troll presents for our kids.**** If you are looking for Star Wars items (figurines, suitcases, toys), they have lots of stuff for cheap.

**** We have written a couple of blogs about Aldi in the past (What is Aldi, We Heart Aldi and Why You Will Too!). We promise we aren’t being paid any money by Aldi!!! We just love it!

Our question for you, what has been your best Aldi find?  Also, If you haven’t gone, has this blog convinced you it is worth a trip?

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