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Easy Party Theme That Can Be Adapted For All Ages

Recently my friends Tracy and Claire decided to combine their three girl’s (Lucy and Evie both 4; and Olivia 2) birthday parties because the dates were close and the two families are very close to one another.

The Party Planners:

The Birthday Girls:

Theme: Pancakes and Pajamas

Attire:  Kid’s were to come dressed up in pajamas.  Parents were also welcome to come in pjs. (Some did!)  

Food:  Food included a pancake bar with toppings, donut hole sticks, applesauce packs, miniature muffins, miniature quiches, small hot dogs in a bun,  and different flavored milk. (Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s for the adults).

Cake:  There were pancake layered cakes for each girl!  (The cakes were AMAZING!)  They were some of the neatest and most detailed cakes I have ever seen!  Our friend Stephanie Walsh owns her own cake and cookie company in Cypress near where we live.  If you are in the area and need a special cake or cookies, you must give Stephanie a call!  Her prices are very reasonable for the quality of her work.  Not only did the cakes look amazing, they tasted amazing too!  Her business is called Steph’s Special Occasion Cakes and Cookies (www.facebook.com/Steph’sCakesCookies4U)


The decorations were whimsical to go along with the pancake and pajama theme.  Claire is a photographer and took amazing “magical” pictures of the girls that were displayed around the main table.  Claire owns a company called Evie Mae Photography.  If you are looking for a great photographer in Cypress or the greater Houston area, you should contact her! You will not be disappointed!  Corrin and I have both had family portraits with her and love the quality of her work.  


There were several activities that were geared towards the toddler age.  Kids could make princess crowns and fruit loop necklaces.  The highlight of the party was a visit from Sleeping Beauty! (They rented her from acharmedaffair.com) This is the second time Tracy has used them and has been very happy with them.  Kids could also go to the backyard and jump on a bouncy house or play with the other lawn toys.  


Each child was given a small bright colored container that contained an assortment of candy.


This was one of the best parties I have ever been to.  I loved that you you can take the theme and make it as simple or as complicated as you want.  The kids loved being in their pajamas and loved eating from the pancake bar!  Activities can be geared toward the different ages and sex of the birthday child.  

Other ideas:

  • Slumber party for various ages (even non-birthday events): Tell the kids to come in their pjs and have the pancake bar and extras for dinner!  You could watch a movie and have different activities based on ages (ex: nail painting for older girls).  Smaller children could make fleece pillows while older children could make fleece blankets (both require no sewing).  There are tons of boy fleece themes too.  I have kids girls (ages 3, 14, 16, 18) and I am certain they would love to have this kind of party.  I think my son who is 14 probably wouldn’t want to have a pancake and pajama themed party but I know when he was younger he would have.  
  • Adult Girl’s Slumber Party:  Our freezer club just hosted one of these parties.  Ladies were invited to show up in their pjs and spend the evening playing games and enjoying food and drinks.  

My question for you is this:

Who is going to throw a Pancake and Pajama Party?

If you “Google” Pancake and Pajama Party, you will find a million pictures and information.  Here are a few examples that I found.



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    Alyssa Wilson
    January 19, 2017 at 2:41 am

    I am obsessed with the pancake’s and PJ’s! I am so sad I missed the adult jammy party! You guys are great!

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